How to Claim an Inactive Twitter Handle 2022

Haven’t you log in to your Twitter account for long? Then it gets inactive, surely. Generally, if you don’t log in for six months, Twitter will mark the account as inactive. Eventually, it removes from the system. Consequently, you can’t access your tweets, followers or the following information.

Further, you can’t retrieve your Twitter handle. In the new policy, Twitter doesn’t release the inactivate usernames. Attempting to get back your Twitter account involves multiple trials.

Still want to get your Twitter account back? No problem. This article will provide you the way how to get an inactive Twitter handle.

inactive twitter handle

Few Ways to Get Your Inactive Twitter Handle

Well, you can try to get back your inactive Twitter account. However, this seems a little hectic but worth a try.

  • Contact the Twitter Owner: Yes, primarily you can try to contact the Twitter owner. But less possibility to get a response. Try to email or message the owner a few times, then move further. However, you can search for the username on other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. If you find the person using the same username, offer them some amount. With mutual understanding, they may sell the username to you.
  • Claim Your Registered Trademarked Inactive Account: Is your account has a registered trademark but still get suspended? Then you can submit an appeal. Does someone violet with your trademark? You can take legal action against that person. Using your trademark on another account can mislead and confuse your affiliation. Hence, violating Twitter’s trademark policy.
  • In that case, you need to proof to verify the breach of the other account. But first, buy the domain name. Then, generate a complaint of the trademark dispute. Twitter can suspend that account. Eventually, Twitter may allow that person to comply with their trademark policies. However, you can’t request a username that looks inactive when you don’t have a trademark registered.
  • Report An Account For Impersonation: Do you think someone has impersonated your username? Then, file a report against it. However, upon receiving it, Twitter can ban the account and remove the username from the system permanently. It’s no use of you then.

Although you can get lucky. Before filing the report, don’t forget to buy the domain name and the inactive account’s email address.

Is it Possible to Get an Inactive Twitter Handle?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Twitter doesn’t release inactive usernames. So, in general, it’s not possible to get back to your old username. Once Twitter marks an account as inactive, they remove it from the system completely.

In contrast, if your inactive account has a registered trademark, you may have a chance. Follow the rules and the criteria to appeal to get back your account.

However, to use the username of an account that looks inactive, try the available variations on Twitter. Add an extra letter, number, underscore or abbreviation to make it available for you.

Things to Consider

If none of these work, then you may need to change your Twitter handle. It seems to be hectic as you have to find your followers and the following again.

With this in mind, you can consider a few things, such as

  • Deactivate your account: If you get bored or think you can’t log in for an indefinite time, deactivate your account. Deactivating doesn’t delete your account permanently. You can activate it again using the same id and password. However, Twitter gives you only 30 days to activate the account again. After that, they remove your account completely.
  • Download Your Account Information: If you think you can’t use Twitter regularly, download the information. Otherwise, the account can get removed. Go to “Settings” and click on “Request your archive”. After that, Twitter will email you with a download link.
  • Avoid Expiration: Lastly, try to avoid your account expiration. Therefore, log in at least once in six months duration. Twitter continuously monitors all account’s activities, registration date, log in rate etc. Another key to remember, there is a difference between no activity and in-activity. When a user logs in to the Twitter account but performs no activity like tweeting, it’s still considered an active account.

Final Note

Overall, it can be said that getting back to the old Twitter handle is not easy. Twitter has strict guidelines and policies to follow. Absolutely no activity of an account seems like a fake account. That’s why Twitter removes it. However, if you’re still interested in this social media platform, try to log in frequently. After all, it’s interesting to know how people are thinking and sharing.