How to Enable Long Videos on YouTube

Are you trying to upload a long video on YouTube? Unfortunately, YouTube limits the uploading of a video equal to or less than 15 minutes by default.

YouTube has become a popular platform to create and connect with your fans worldwide. So as a YouTuber, you may not be happy with such issues. Especially when you’re making videos or vlogs with family or friends, the footage can exceed the limited length. So how to enable long videos on YouTube?

It is simple if you know the process. All you need is to verify your Google account to publish a video up to 12 hours duration. You can make it happen using a desktop, Android and iOS device. However, keep the video size within 128 GB.

Why Can You Only Upload 15 Minutes Videos on YouTube?

If you try to upload videos longer than 15 minutes duration, you’ll fail. Because YouTube only allows to upload and publish videos not more than it.

However, this is not a Brightcove limitation but a YouTube limitation. But thankfully, it is possible to upload a larger and longer file on YouTube with a verified account.

Let’s know how to enable long videos on YouTube with some quick steps.

How to Enable Long Videos on YouTube?

As a passionate YouTuber, you prefer to post or upload various content. Verifying your Google account is the only way to avoid any difficulty while uploading a longer or larger video.

However, the process is slightly different for desktop and mobile versions.

How to upload long videos using a browser on your desktop for YouTube?

Follow the basic steps to verify your Google account when uploading a long video using a desktop browser.

  1. Open  on your desktop.
  1. Open YouTube’s verification page and log in with your details.
  1. Select the country from the drop-down.
  1. Select an option to get the verification code, either Call me with an automated voice message or Text me the verification code.
  1. Choose a language in case you want to receive a text message.
  1. Provide your phone number. Make sure you have an active number to get the verification code.
  1. Type the code in the text box.
  1. Click Submit.
  1. Once your account gets verified, you’ll receive a notification.

How to upload long videos using mobile for YouTube?

The method is the same for both Android and iPhone.

  1. Open the YouTube app on your device.
  1. From the bottom of your screen, tap the plus sign.
  1. From the pop-up box, tap Upload a video.
  1. If you’re uploading for the first time, then create a YouTube channel first. Otherwise, select the video longer than 15 minutes to upload on YouTube.
  1. Type your video’s title and other details.
  1. Tap Next.
  1. On the Select Audience page, answer whether it’s intended for kids. Then tap Upload. If nothing happens, tap the back button from the top left.
  1. Now, follow the instructions to verify your Google account. You’ll get a verification code via text message or automated voice call.

Now you get a clear idea of how to enable long videos on YouTube. You can upload videos for up to 12 hours duration but not more than 128 GB size after verifying the account.

Wrap Up

When your upload on YouTube gets stuck or takes a long time, check for the file size and duration. Or else, during peak hours, Internet Service Provider may slow down the upload speed.

Besides verifying your account, you can try an alternate way to upload a larger video. Try to compress the video size before uploading. A good video editing software maintains the video quality while reducing the size. Otherwise, you can increase the video length limit using the steps mentioned above.