Do You Want a Cool Intro For Your Video? Create Your Own Intros and Outros

Over the years, we have seen how video-viewing platforms have widely emerged on the internet. Aside from providing entertainment, videos online have become an effective tool in marketing brands and businesses.  

With extreme competition online for video content, creating intro and outro for your videos can make a change as they make first and last impressions on your content. For some, doing an intro and outro can be an extra step in producing videos. But with an intro maker, you can effortlessly create your first and last impressions with a significant impact.

Why Do You Need Intro and Outro For Your Video? 

The intro is a video segment that usually provides greetings, a personal introduction, and brief details on what to expect in the video. Meanwhile, the outro provides the concluding statements and usually includes a call to action, which is the part that encourages people to do something.   


The intro is not always at the very beginning of the video, while the outro is not always at the very end. Sometimes, video content creators put a little preview of the content or talk at the beginning before showing the intro. On the other hand, some video makers also put bloopers or clips to watch out for the succeeding video after showing the outro. In these ways, you can catch attention at the start and intrigue watchers on your next video. 

According to Entrepreneur, YouTube ranks second most-used social networking platform, following Facebook. Furthermore, on average, a person spends 11 minutes and 24 seconds on YouTube every day. 

With billions of active users on YouTube, video creators need an intro and outro for their videos to grab the curiosity of an audience and make them stay and watch other videos on their channel.

How to Create Your Own Intros and Outros

If you have the ambition to start a career in video content creation, you need to learn how to create your own intros and outros. Listed below are some of the ways you can follow. 

Keep Intro and Outro Videos Short But Captivating

According to an article on LinkedIn, on average, a consumer has an eight-second attention span and the first 30 seconds of a video is crucial in grabbing a viewer’s attention. And in general, video creators believe that an intro video should run up to 10 seconds.

With this information, you should keep your intro as short and enticing as possible. Some ways to introduce video content are as follows: 

  • Create an interesting and fun teaser of the video. 
  • Greet the viewers in the friendliest way and briefly introduce yourself. 
  • Add a cool clip with catchy background music. 
  • Talk like you are having a conversation in front of a person. 

On the other hand, outro videos should also be short and interesting. Most people skip the ending. Here are some ways to keep the outro captivating:

  • Provide a summary of the content
  • Add and ending music
  • Make sure to end with greetings and provide a call to action. 
  • Follow up with a blooper or a clip for the next video. 

Use Video Intro Maker

Free intro maker technologies are available online to help you create intro and outro videos without a hassle. A video intro maker has ready-made templates, clips, layouts and more for you to make your first and last impression unforgettable. 

A free intro maker, a YouTube intro maker, and a gaming intro maker may have some differences in their features. But overall, they provide effective tools for creating intros and outros. 

You can follow the steps below in creating impressive intro and outro videos using video intro maker:

  1. Use the available clips and videos on the video intro maker and combine them with other videos or your own uploaded videos. 
  2. Edit the intro or outro by adding appealing text, icons, background, music, animation, watermark, video filters, and more. 
  3. Download the result and incorporate it with the rest of your video content. 

With these three easy and doable steps, you can add intro and outro clips to your video. But always remember, your creativity and understanding of your audience play significant roles in the effectiveness of your intro and outro in attracting more views and engagements. 

Final Thoughts

Cool intro and outro videos can help your video content grab the attention of a potential audience and keep them as avid watchers. If you want to start your journey as a video creator, you can follow the ways presented to create engaging intro and outro videos. 

In this day and age where video content creation is flourishing, you can rely on a video intro maker to assist you in creating effective intro and outro clips for your videos. Find a reliable video intro maker tool online. Whether it is free or not, one thing for sure is it will make the process of creating videos more convenient.