How to Convert the HEIC Images into JPG on Mac and Windows PC

HEIC images offer excellent image quality and preserve image details effectively. However, this image format has disadvantages, like insufficient wider support from devices. You may face difficulties in editing HEIC images in some editing software. Therefore, people like to use JPG images as a universally accepted file format. 

In this article, we will use a popular tool called Wondershare MobileTrans to convert HEIC to JPG. This tool can be easily downloaded and launched on Windows and MacOS. By reading this article, you can learn how to convert HEIC to JPG with its HEIC Converter feature. 

How to Convert the HEIC Images into JPG on Mac with Preview App?

Before jumping into MobileTrans, let’s discuss the built-in app of MacBook. On your MacBook, you can convert HEIC Images into JPG with the built-in Preview App. The whole process is simple and instant. Here are the steps that can help you for converting HEIC to JPG

Convert the HEIC Images into JPG

Step 1: Begin by opening your HEIC image in the Preview app. Once done, navigate to the “File” option in the menu bar. From there, tap on “Export.” 

Step 2: Select “JPEG” from the “Format” drop-down menu on the new pop-up window. You can also set the quality level from the given slider. Rename your file and choose a suitable location to save it. Once done, hit the “Save” button. 

How to Use Windows PC Photos App for Converting HEIC Image into JPG?

The Photos app in Windows 11/10 offers a simple way to convert HEIC to JPG without losing the quality. It’s a default app in Windows 11/10, which offers a friendly interface.

You can also get this app from the Microsoft Store easily. Here are the simple instructions you may follow to learn how to convert HEIC to JPG

Step 1: On your Photos app, open the HEIC image you want to convert. Once done, tap the “Three-Dot” icon on the menu bar to proceed. 

Step 2: Now, click on the “Save As” option. Moreover, from the “Save As” field, change HEIC to JPG and hit the “Save” button.

The Photos app on iPhone, with “See more” and “Save as” options highlighted.

What Limitations Can You Face While Using the Built-in Apps of Windows PC and Mac for Converting HEIC Images?

The built-in apps in Mac and Windows offer many benefits for the users. You can edit and convert the file format on the default apps instantly.

However, there are some limitations of these built-in apps, which you must be aware of. Unlike advanced converting tools, you cannot convert multiple files at once in the built-in apps on Mac and Windows.

Moreover, these apps can also reduce the image quality after the conversion. 

Therefore, for professional usage, you cannot rely on built-in apps like Photos or Preview.

You must use an expert converting tool that provides features like batch processing. Also, such tools preserve the image quality during the conversion.

The Best Alternative to Built-in Apps for Converting HEIC Images into JPG

Do you want an alternative to the built-in apps? Wondershare MobileTrans is a reliable tool through which you can perform multiple functions with perfection.

It provides a separate HEIC Converter, automatically converting HEIC images into JPG.

This app also supports batch processing, as you can convert up to 100 HEIC pictures to JPG at once. 

Moreover, you can backup and restore more than 18 data types through MobileTrans.

You can also shift your WhatsApp and phone data from one platform to another. It also restores your deleted WhatsApp messages and chats efficiently.

MobileTrans is easy to operate and allows you to select the data for backup. Therefore, you must try MobileTrans to enjoy various benefits all in one place.

Straightforward Instructions to Convert HEIC Images to JPG

MobileTrans has an easy-to-use interface that you can operate without having prior knowledge. This section will provide straightforward steps to convert HEIC to JPG.

Step 1: Choose the HEIC Converter

Once you have launched MobileTrans, click on the “More” module from its main interface. On the new window, tap on “HEIC Converter.


Step 2: Import and Convert HEIC Photos 

To proceed further, tap the “Add Files” button to import HEIC images. Once done, tap the “Convert” button and select the desired location to save the JPG file.

add files


Undoubtedly, HEIC photos capture more image details to provide quality results. However, some many tools and platforms do not recognize HEIC photos yet.

Therefore, this article has offered a detailed guide on how to convert HEIC to JPG through MobileTrans. It’s a famous tool allows you to perform multiple functions on your devices. Thus, trying MobileTrans to enjoy its multiple features is a must.