How to Appear Offline On Discord – Hide your Online Status Now

Are you tired of chatting and playing games on Discord? So, how’s about you stay invisible without logging out?

Discord’s different notification, especially online status, is surely necessary. But sometimes, you probably wish for some peace and privacy when checking on stuff on this platform. Therefore, it’s wise to appear offline when you’re actually online.

Discord is a popular American VoIP application for online gaming. Moreover, with 300 million active users, it’s one of the best communication platforms. Like other social media apps, Discord also shows when someone is online with a green dot beside the name.


However, it may not be comforting sometimes. Whether you’re concentrating on leveling up or doing something important on Discord, you may want some quiet. Continuous interaction or incoming messages can interrupt your focus.

So, are you thinking of logging out? But you’ll miss urgent calls or interesting activities on the Discord server. In contrast, by setting the invisible or DND status, you can still be on Discord without logging out.

If you’re willing to do so, let’s go through the article to know how to appear offline on Discord.

Why Is Appearing Offline On Discord Necessary?

As a popular communication medium, Discord allows users to make voice and video calls, send messages and share files in private or public communities. But sometimes privacy is also necessary or you may just want to play games alone without disturbance.

However, showing online is default status whenever Discord is open. Surely it takes a second to log out, but you can miss important notifications. So, what’s the solution?

The simple answer is to change the activity status so that people can’t know you’re online. Neither server admin nor others can detect when you change status to appear offline. There are different Discord statuses that enable you a little privacy. Let’s find out about them in the next section.

4 Types of Discord Statuses

The four online Discord statuses are Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb and Invisible.

  • Online status: It’s the first and default activity status showing you’re available for the chat or playing games. It’s shown as a green dot next to your name like Facebook.
  • Idle status: It shows your AFK status to the friends automatically with a yellow dot next to your name. It means you’ve been away from the keyboard or device for almost 5 minutes. Even you can set the status manually to stay idle as long as you want while using Discord.
  • Do Not Disturb status: As the name depicts, set this status if you’re not ready to chat. The red dot indicates you’re online but not available for chatting.
  • Invisible status: It’s the most tricky Discord status to stay online while everyone finding you offline. You need to set invisible status manually to appear offline on Discord. But still, you can use all the Discord functionalities.

Except for these four, Discord has another interesting option for you.

  • Custom status: You can set a custom status according to your demand or present activity. For example, if you’re doing something special like watching a movie, you can share it with friends for a specific time period. You can add emojis too with the text, but you’ve to be Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic user.

Although it stays for 24 hours by default, you can set it for 30 minutes, 4 hours or an indefinite time.

How to Appear Offline On Discord?

Let’s learn steps about how to appear offline on Discord using a desktop and mobile.

Steps to appear offline on Discord using desktop:

If you’re a desktop user, here are the simple steps to change the Discord activity status.

1. Visit Discord from the web or open the Discord app on the desktop.

2. Log in to the account.

3. Click your profile picture from the bottom left corner of the screen.

4. Click Invisible from the menu.

Now you’ll appear offline on Discord and no one will bother you. Luckily, you can access all Discord features the same as what you do online.

Steps to appear offline on Discord using mobile:

When you’re using Discord on mobile, the process is not very difficult. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile.

2. Log in to the account.

3. Tap the hamburger menu or three-row icon on the top left corner.

4. Now, from the bottom left corner, tap on the profile picture.

5. From the user settings page, tap Set Status and select Invisible.

You’re all set to appear offline on Discord. Similarly, you can again change the status to Online following the same steps.

Another key point is you can’t select the invisible status for an individual. When you use this status, you’ll appear offline for everybody.

Hopefully, now you know how to appear offline on Discord. By following the steps on Android, iOS, Mac or Windows devices, it’s possible to change your status activity easily. However, if you comment on something, that will be visible to others. Eventually, they’ll know you’re currently on Discord.

In a Nutshell

Sometimes it’s okay to stay away from random chats online. Discord is surely an excellent communication platform, especially for gamers. But maybe you wish some peace from the quarrel.

However, logging out isn’t the best option always. You don’t want to miss important notifications or critical updates. Therefore, appearing invisible on Discord can work for you pretty well.

At the same time, you can check what others are playing on that server or receive and read messages. But no one will know that you’re online and available for chat. So, you can give it a try with the steps in this article.