How Social Media And Digital Handwritten Signature Help You Develop a Personal Brand

Today, social media rules the world. Young or old, everyone seems to be attracted to it.

There is an increasing emphasis on visual advertising and communication since the youth have grown up with social media.

They spend a major part of their day communicating via their laptops and smartphones.

Social media can help you develop a personal brand by individualizing your messages and personalizing responses to the audience.

On the other hand, a digital handwritten signature on any document adds a unique personal touch, security, and validity to the documents that a brand needs.

This post will tell you the importance of handwritten signatures to develop a personal brand.

You will also learn how to build a brand using social media. 

Importance of Digital Handwritten Signatures 

Learning how to write a signature for an electronic document is a good skill as it adds a personal touch.

It makes your messages stand out as part of a branding strategy on social media.

A signature is a mark of personal identification. Just like a name, it evokes an image of a person in the mind.

Signatures are used to sign off on many personal and business documents that individuals deal with from time to time.

Especially when it comes to business transactions, there is a need to authenticate and verify that a particular document has come in from a defined source and was signed by the authorized person.

Since online signatures have become so common in the business world, many people wonder how to switch from using traditional handwritten signatures to electronic signatures.

It will be easier for a business to incorporate handwritten signatures digitally into online documents. 

Building Your Brand on Social Media

It has become supremely important for every business to have a social media account on the popular platforms viewed by its audience.

Social media can be used to promote your brand, monitor what people are saying about your company and its brands, and address customers’ issues and concerns.

You have to be wise and prudent in responding to social media messages, as they can have positive or negative repercussions that could affect the present and future of your business. 

We give below 8 suggestions to concentrate on in order to make a personal brand on social media. 

1. Focus on Which Platforms to Use

The first step is to determine which social media platforms to use.

If you choose Instagram as a marketing platform to build your brand, then you have to become trendy.

Of course, this depends on your personal choice, but you also need to see which ones your customers prefer.

You have to connect with them on the correct platforms and at the right times.

Think about what messages your customers have responded to favorably and create similar messages.

2. Use Social Media Apps

Many social media apps make posting on social media sites easier. Sprout Social and Hootsuite are two examples.

They also allow you to schedule content, like on a social media calendar. The major social networking sites, like X (Formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram, are connected to these sites.

3. Share Content Regularly

Once you have posted content, you must follow all reactions and comments and respond to them intelligently since it is being viewed.

You must post something at least three to four times a week to remain relevant in the social media landscape.

4. Make Your Posts Interesting

It is important to make your social media posts positive and engaging. Your posts should reflect your professional attitude and personality.

You should try to repost positive messages from viewers and post content that makes you stand out as an industry professional. You could also choose to post personal experiences that your audience would connect to. 

5. Join Social Media Groups

You can choose to join social media groups that your customers are connected to.

Joining social media groups that are used by professionals related to your particular industry or area of expertise is a good way of promoting your brand in the marketplace.

You can also share your personal opinions on a particular topic since it will get you noticed.

Just be sure to comment regularly, as this will help you be recognized by larger communities.

6. Keep Your Brand Voice, Image, and Tone Consistent

Once you have created a brand persona for yourself, make sure that you stick to it.

Changing your stance or opinion frequently won’t consistently get you many followers.

You have to develop a brand voice and image that reflects your personality. You can be lighthearted and funny or pensive and serious.

Use brand guidelines available online to define your social branding image.

7. Look at Influencer Posts 

Social influencers are those who are well-known in a particular field and have a measure of expertise behind their comments and views.

You should establish friendships with them and see if they will try and recommend your products and services.

You should try to analyze posts by social media influencers within your area of expertise and look at what they say and how the followers respond to them.

As you grow in stature, you might even think of becoming a social influencer yourself.

8. Import Your Contacts

One of the fastest ways to create a social media presence is to import your contacts from all the platforms you already use.

This may be on Gmail, Facebook, or any other platforms that you are using. After you have imported them, you can start corresponding with them through social media messages.

Using Electronic Signatures in Personal Branding Efforts

Your brand image is about how you are viewed in the marketplace.

You can personalize your brand further by including a copy of your handwritten signature in social media messages or official correspondence.

You can scan a copy of your handwritten signature and save the scanned image.

You can upload this to Word, Google Docs or other popular programs that accept e-signatures.


Establishing a personal brand takes time and effort. However, if you add digital representations of handwritten signatures to the end of your messages, you are bound to get noticed on social media in a very short time.