How Does Snapchat Score Work? How to Increase It Quickly

Snapchat has been an interesting platform with unique features. One of them is Snap Score which you can find below your username on the profile. It’s in a numerical form that indicates how active you’re on the app. 

The number may seem random, but how does Snapchat measure the score? Can you improve it? Today, we’ll give you every detail about what Snap score is, how it works and tricks to increase your Snap Score.

How do Snap Scores Work?

Your snap score on Snapchat is a number that calculates how active you’re on the app. 


Basically, the snap score is a running tally of your regular activity on Snapchat, like friends added, Snaps sent or received, stories you send, and many more. For many users, snap scores are a way to compete with their friends by comparing the scores or adding trophies to their Snapchat trophy case.

Let’s take a quick glance at the factors that affect your Snapchat snap score:

  • The number of snaps sent
  • The number of snaps received
  • The number of friends added
  • Continue the Snapchat streaks with others
  • The number of stories posted and viewed
  • Sending snaps to many people at once
  • The number of discovered videos seen
  • Bonus points to come back on Snapchat after a long time

How to Find Your Snap Score

Here’re the steps to find your snap score:

Step 1. Open Snapchat and tap your profile picture in the upper-left corner.

Step 2. Tap your snap score beneath your username.

Step 3. Check your snap score and the number of snaps you’ve sent and received so far.

How to See Your Friend’s Snap Score

Apart from your own snap score, you can see your friend’s snap score too. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Tap the profile picture in the upper left corner and go to your profile.

Step 2. Tap My Friends.


Step 3. Tap on any friend’s bitmoji avatar.

Step 4. See their snap score under their profile picture.

Tricks to Increase the Snap Score on Snapchat

In order to increase your snap score on Snapchat, you need to use the app more actively. You can try out the following tricks to increase your snap score:

  • Send and receive snaps: When you send snaps to friends, it will boost your score. Similarly, receiving snaps from others will also help you to increase your score. In short, you both will gain points by continuously sending and receiving snaps. Also, you can have a streak with yourself on Snapchat to grow your snap score.
  • Send snaps to multiple users at a time: Rather than uploading an image to the story, send that snap to individual users. Thus, you can increase your activity on the app and may earn additional points for such interaction.
  • Send snaps only instead of direct messages: Keep in mind that sending a direct message to a friend won’t increase your snap score. So, instead of a text message, send them a snap to boost up your activity and snap score.
  • Share and view many stories: Whenever you share something on the story, it raises your snap score. Viewing others’ stories will also help to raise your score.
  • Add new users: An easy trick to increase your snap score is to add new users on Snapchat. Connect them via Facebook or Instagram, ask for their snapcode, and add them to your Snapchat friend list.
  • Open and check snaps daily: Another way to increase your snap score is to open and read snaps daily. Whether the snap is useful or not, you shouldn’t leave it unread. So, keep checking the snaps you receive daily.
  • Watch more videos in the “Discover” section: Go to the “Discover” section and watch videos from people all around as much as possible. This will surely increase your Snapchat snap score.
  • Play Snapchat games frequently: Snapchat has almost 50 games, including Selfie games, Bitmoji Tennis, Ludo, etc., to play with friends. Playing games will increase your activity as well as your snap scores.

Can You Decrease Your Snap Score?

No, there’s no such way to decrease your snap score. The lowest score can be 0 when you open a new profile on Snapchat. In case your snap score gets frozen, check our guide on why did Snapchat freeze scores.

How High Can A Snap Score Go?

Till now, the snap score can go as high as 1 million. It indicates the user is very much active on the platform.

That’s all about Snapchat snap score. Now, you have a clear idea of how it works and how you can increase it to compete with friends. So, give it a try. Thanks for reading!