15 Google Voice Alternatives

As a business owner, it’s important to keep up with customer service. Despite advanced chatbots or CRM systems, it’s more effective to support customers via phone calls.

It’s a tedious job to receive and talk over millions of phones. Moreover, you can’t tell whether it’s a personal or business call. So are you considering having a separate work number?

There’s come the need for the advanced Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. And the first name that comes into mind as a VoIP business phone app is Google Voice.


Whether an Android, iOS or web user, it’s easy to use the app to make and receive calls from anywhere. Especially for a small business or startup, Google Voice offers several benefits such as call forwarding, scheduling, voicemail to email etc. It’s just like a phone you’re carrying wherever you go and use on any device.

However, some major drawbacks are now pushing it into the corner. Most importantly, this is only available in the US and supports text messages only at selected markets. Even you won’t get any direct technical support if you face any issues. Further, with limited international callings, you can’t place calls outside particular regions.

So, do you want to expand your business more affordably? Replacing Google Voice with other VoIP phone apps may take the business to the next level. Keep reading this article to know about such 15 Google Voice alternatives for a small business.

What is Google Voice App?

Launched on March 11, 2009, after acquiring GrandCentral by Google, Google Voice became the smart Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application in the communication field for individuals and small businesses.

When you’re about to start a business, Google Voice may be the best app for you due to its free usage and convenient features. Such as:

  • Easy integration with G Suite admin console.
  • Scheduling calls from the calendar.
  • Free calls to the US and unlimited SMS.
  • Forward calls and block spam calls.
  • Voice recording.
  • Receive international calls (limited to specific 11 countries).

However, as your business keeps growing, you’ll realize its limitations even with paid service.

  • No toll-free number.
  • No customer service.
  • No signups outside the US.
  • Not possible to share business phone numbers with others.
  • No auto-attendant.
  • No call recording for Google workspace accounts.
  • Complicated multimedia messaging service.
  • Poor call quality.

For these reasons, people are now moving towards other Google voice alternatives.

How Does Google Voice Work?

To utilize the features, you need to install Google Voice first from the Play Store or Apple Store and sign up. Then you can make phone calls and send text messages having an internet connection on your devices (mobile, computer or laptop). Further, it’s free to communicate as long as you’re communicating between a Google Voice and another US number.

Although it’s free for personal use, you need to activate a plan to unlock business usage benefits such as starter ($10/user/month), standard ($20/user/month) and premier ($30/user/month).

But if you’re looking for more advanced features in affordable pricing, you can switch to other applications. Let’s find out what they are.

Top 15 Google Voice Alternatives

If Google Voice is so popular, then why do you need alternatives? In the past few months, users have complained about several issues with Google Voice. The bug affects the calls so much that they can’t receive any incoming calls.

Additionally, with the web app, it isn’t easy to sync your contacts list. Text messaging is also limited to one recipient only at a time. Even voicemails sometimes don’t come through when transcribed to text.

So, till Google fixes these issues, you can use one of the top 15 Google Voice alternatives as follows.

1. Grasshopper

If you’re a small business owner, Grasshopper can be your best alternative solution. Its easy-to-use interface and virtual phone system for calls, messages, extensions, custom greetings, inbound fax etc., make the app suitable for a solopreneur.

Here are the following features:

  • It provides a business phone number to use on the mobile or landline to secure your personal number.
  • Access the business number from a mobile as well as desktop.
  • It provides vanity numbers, toll-free numbers and local numbers too.
  • It’s easy to port your existing business or virtual number to Grasshopper.
  • It converts voicemail to text easily so that you don’t have to listen to it.
  • Now, forward your call to another phone number quickly with this app.
  • You can have an auto-attended or live receptionist to answer your calls and take messages.
  • Also, you get an auto-respond feature never to miss a call.
  • The quality and reliability of calls depend on your network.
  • 24/7 US-based customer support.

Though, Grasshopper requires business owners to pick a plan to enjoy its benefits. Such as:

  • Solo Plan: $29/month for 1 phone number and 3 extensions.
  • Partner Plan: $49/month for 3 phone numbers and 6 extensions.
  • Small Business Plan: $89/month for 5 phone numbers and unlimited extensions.

However, the main drawbacks are there is no call integration, recording and shared phone numbers.

2. OpenPhone

There is another versatile business phone application, OpenPhone, for Android, Apple and desktop/web users. Let’s know about its amazing features.

  • Make unlimited calling and text messaging in the US and Canada.
  • Create groups to communicate with many people at the same time.
  • Also, get multiple phone numbers to one account.
  • Crystal-clear audio quality.
  • Record calls or set auto-recorder to record all calls.
  • Set auto-replies to speed up your response time.
  • Efficient keyboard shortcuts.
  • Lightweight CRM.
  • Forward calls.
  • Finally, if you want to create a call center or dedicated customer service line, OpenPhone is undoubtedly the best Google Voice and Grasshopper alternative.

Moreover, it has simple and affordable pricing.

  • Standard: $10/month/user.
  • Premium: $25/month/user.
  • Enterprise: you can contact sales for a customized price based on your needs.

For further add-ons,

  • International calls and messages, per minute or per message rate, depending on the destination.
  • Additional phone numbers for $5/month/user.
  • Automated message via Zapier for $0.01/message.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva is a great and conventional VoIP app to install on Android and iPhone. It’s a powerful built-in business app providing sales and service tools to make calls in the US and Canada.

Nextiva offers the following benefits for a small business:

  • Get VoIP phone number, unlimited calling, call recording, text messaging, voicemail to email, auto-attendant and call queuing.
  • Communicate using desktop, laptop or mobile from anywhere.
  • Sales CRM to manage the leads, prospects and business deals.
  • Easy team collaboration and video conference.

For an enterprise, the app has the following features:

  • Get the enterprise phone service with crisp call quality and reliable global collaboration.
  • Set a VoIP call center.
  • Enterprise SIP trunking with more advanced features to take your PBX system into the cloud.

The pricing of Nextiva is quite confusing. The starting price may be impressive, but when you want to pay monthly for a small business plan, they increase the rate.

  • Essential: from $18.95/user/month for an easy and quick startup.
  • Professional: from $22.95/user/month for smaller teams.
  • Enterprise: from $32.95/user/month for small and medium teams.
  • Ultimate: from $57.95/user/month for big enterprises.

Despite Nextivia’s exciting features, the pricing can be expensive for a small business. Therefore, it’s suitable for larger enterprises rather than small businesses or startups.

4. Skype

Although Skype is famous for video calls, it allows to make phone calls and send messages too. Established in 2003 and later sold to Microsoft in 2011, Skype became the top communication app for video chats and voice calls between mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, web and Xbox One console.

But what makes Skype preferable over Google Voice? It’s not a typical business phone service. You can create a conference call with up to 250 participants with live location sharing. Additionally, it allows having an international number in 26 different countries, whereas Google voice allows only 11.

Some other key features are:

  • Audio and HD video calling.
  • Call recording and live subtitles.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Private conversations with end-to-end encryption.
  • Instant reaction to messages with fun emojis.

But unlike video calling, you need to pay to make voice calls on Skype. They’ve three types of subscription plans for US users available on mobiles and landlines both.

  • World Skype Credit: $5 up to 165 mins, $10 up to 330 mins and $25 up to 830 mins to call worldwide.
  • North America Subscription: $6.99/month, unlimited calling for 8 destinations.
  • World Subscription: $13.99/month, unlimited calling for 63 destinations.

5. Ringblaze

Ringblaze is a revolutionary Google Voice alternative optimized for sales and support collaboration. It solely focuses on managing call activities, assigning calls to the right team and adding notes. But unfortunately, it doesn’t support text messaging and mobile versions. You have to use the app on your desktop.

Let’s know what Ringblaze has for you.

  • It provides toll-free numbers, vanity numbers and local phone numbers.
  • Share callbox with the team.
  • Forward calls.
  • In addition, the website visitors can call you without their phone or leaving the page.
  • If you miss a call, the app will give you the call details.
  • Import customer list.
  • Get data to analyze customer relationships, design customer support and employee service.

Thankfully, Ringblaze is very affordable comparing to other VoIP apps.

  • Unlimited Calls: $19/user/month or $15/user/month when billed annually to get unlimited calls within the US and Canada, free local numbers, a desktop app and advanced features.
  • Toll-free numbers: $5/month (for inbound minutes, $0.04/minute) for toll-free numbers.
  • International Calls: $0.024/minute for international calls.

6. Telzio

Enrich your communication with Telzio as one of the best 15 Google Voice alternatives. It’s a reliable business cloud phone solution to communicate with a team. In particular, Telzio’s modern and elegant feature enables you to track live call activities in real-time.

Here are the features you need to know.

  • Flexible mobile integration for office and remote workers.
  • Set DND (Do Not Disturb) if necessary.
  • Web configuration.
  • Unlimited users and extensions.
  • Call queuing for inbound calls.
  • Voicemail transcription (voicemail to email).
  • Free internet calling.
  • Call recording, call monitoring and call blocking.
  • Call hunt groups to route calls to the right person.

Further, you can Telzio with its simple and stress-free pricing plan. You need to pay only for the call minutes and text messages you want monthly. In short, pay as long as you want.

  • Call: The lowest rate starts with $50/month for the US local numbers with 1000 minutes/month and $1/additional number.
  • Messages: For 1000 text messages, pay $77/month.

7. Sideline

Sideline, a business text messaging service, is perfect for enjoying SMS marketing. It upgrades your mobile tools to help with your small or medium business. Generally, Sideline allows creating a second number to separate work and personal life. Thus, it provides you a professional identity.

Besides, it may not be a typical VoIP system but gives Google Voice a tough competition. Here are the reasons.

  • Instead of the internet, Sideline works on your carrier network service. So, you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi or slow/poor internet connection. Simultaneously, it can be problematic as it consumes your carrier minutes, especially when you’ve limited call time.
  • Unlimited text messaging, video messaging and pictures.
  • Put one number into multiple phones for sharing communication among co-workers.
  • Auto-reply to the calls and inbound texts.
  • Customized voicemail.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for a quick response to the customers.
  • Identify unknown callers to avoid spam.
  • Number porting from another device or landline to Sideline.

Now, if you consider the pricing plans (Standard, Enterprise and Pro), the Pro plan is beneficial. Though it was costly originally, the company has lowered its price due to COVID-19 relief. Now all plans are available for $9.99/monthly, valid until June 30, 2021.

8. Phone.com

Another simple and affordable virtual phone application is Phone.com. One of the most attractive features is it enables unlimited users. Your bill will remain the same despite more employees.

Moreover, with 50 standard features, Phone.com provides you the outstanding customer service. Let’s look at some features and benefits.

  • Use any phone to communicate using Phone.com.
  • Customizable video conferencing CRM integration.
  • Get local numbers and vanity toll-free numbers.
  • Live receptionist.
  • Sync contacts list with the Phone.com address book.
  • Call and send messages directly from the app.
  • Block unwanted calls.
  • Call forwarding, call recording, call screening and call waiting features.
  • Get your own caller ID and many more.

If you’re willing to use the services, here are the pricing plans to select.

  • Basic: $12/month/user for 300 pooled minutes, 1000 pooled text segments, video conferencing with 10 participants and many more benefits.
  • Plus: $19/month/user for unlimited minutes and text segments, video conferencing with 25 participants, HIPAA compliant, voice recording and many more.
  • Pro: $29/month/user for video conferencing with 100 participants, HiFi transcriptions, whiteboard and additional advanced features.

9. WhatsApp

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp in 2021? It is one of the best and secure Google Voice alternatives. With 1.5 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app nowadays.

During a startup business, using low-cost or free applications is probably a wise decision. Google Voice may not be the first choice for conferencing calls or video calls as it’s a little expensive.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is a free app for unlimited voice calls, video chats, sending messages, files, videos and images. The latest version even allows making payments through the app. In fact, the WhatsApp business app is made for small businesses to connect with customers personally.

Additionally, the app offers you some handy features like:

  • Create a business profile with the business description, address, email id and website.
  • Send messages and make audio or video calls to the customers free of cost having an internet or Wi-Fi connection on the device (mobile/desktop/laptop/web).
  • Create groups to connect with more people at a time.
  • Customize group notifications.
  • End-to-end encryption ensures secured conversation.
  • Quick auto-reply.
  • Organize your chats or contacts with labels.

10. Ooma

Being an affordable small business phone service, Ooma is another Google Voice alternative tool for mobile and desktop. With more upgraded features, this app is also suitable for big enterprises.

Though Ooma supports calls in the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada but provides local numbers of the US only. Thankfully, the international call rates are low comparing to other VoIP apps.  Let’s know some of its other offerings.

  • It offers a virtual receptionist to create and play custom messages, route calls to extensions, create different language options and business hours.
  • It enables voicemail transcriptions and video conferencing calls.
  • Multi-ring, call recording/blocking/forwarding/transferring features.
  • Ring groups with the Ooma office.
  • Fax online.
  • 7-digit dialing.
  • Overhead paging.
  • For an enterprise, it offers API integration, more secured connections, video meetings etc.

If you ask about Ooma pricing, it has two plans depending on business needs.

  • Ooma Office: $19.95/month/user for one toll-free number, SMS, call forwarding and others.
  • Ooma Office Pro: $24.95/month/user for a desktop app, video conferencing, voicemail transcription etc.

11. JustCall

JustCall is a great cloud phone system to get local numbers from 70 countries and start making calls. It surely a useful tool for the sales and support teams.

Here are the features of this all-in-one phone system.

  • Toll-free numbers for the US, UK and Canada.
  • Easy to send and receive messages.
  • Send and receive FAX.
  • Call recording, call queuing and call blocking.
  • Port existing number to JustCall.
  • Custom numbers for the business.
  • Create personalized business hours for every phone number.
  • Virtual call center offering multiple phone solutions.
  • Mask the caller ID.
  • Create personalized greetings as voicemail and welcome messages.
  • Create an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for the customers.

Not to mention, JustCall also have affordable pricing:

  • Standard: $20/month/user.
  • Premier: $40/month/user.
  • Enterprise: you need to contact the support team for the price.

12. Freshcaller

If you wish to expand the business circle more, install Freshcaller to get local or toll-free numbers from 90+ countries. It’s one of the perfect Google Voice alternatives with a wide range of call routing and forwarding features.

Let’s know why it’s beneficial in other ways.

  • You can mask your existing number with another number while placing or receiving calls.
  • You can create vanity phone numbers to make the business more professional.
  • It’s easy and quick to port your existing phone number.
  • It’s possible to buy international phone numbers across 50 countries.
  • You can choose the best carrier with BYOC for the business.
  • In addition, set up business hours, flexible PBX system, custom greetings, block spam calls, automate call distribution and many more exciting features.

Freshcaller does have a free plan, but practically you’ve to pay some fees to buy a business phone number. Also, you need to pay per minute while making calls. Here are the pricing plans:

  • Sprout: for startups in 1.3 cents/minute.
  • Blossom: for small teams in $15/agent + pay/minute.
  • Garden: for growing teams in $29/agent + pay/minute.
  • Estate: for large teams in $45/agent + pay/minute.
  • Forest: for enterprises in $69/agent + pay/minute.

However, due to the expensive plans, you may want to avoid Freshcaller. Moreover, it neither provides unlimited calling nor text messaging in any active plan. But if you like to take chance for its cool features, the cost may be worth it.

13. Line2

As another Google Voice alternative, Line2 can be a convenient solution for the cloud phone system in the US and Canada. Its advanced AI helps to answer calls and work from anywhere. Let’s have a look at its features.

  • Inbound call handling.
  • Make outbound calls over Wi-Fi and cellular network.
  • Call recording, reporting, merging, scheduling, queuing, screening and blocking.
  • Unlimited business text messaging.
  • Get local numbers, toll-free numbers and vanity numbers.
  • Voicemail transcription.
  • Auto-attendant.
  • Group SMS and MMS.

Furthermore, it offers affordable business plans, whether it’s just for you or the whole team.

  • Starter: $14.99/month.
  • Growth: $19.99/month.
  • Business: $24.99/month.

14. Monster VoIP

When you decide to replace Google Voice with another VoIP service, Moster VoIP can be useful. With a 24/7 customer service team, this app provides you the best communication features. Such as,

  • Call queuing.
  • Call recording.
  • Auto-attendant.
  • eFAX.
  • Unified Communication (UC) with an integrated system.
  • Click to call API.
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to decrease communication cost.
  • You can make calls on Android, iPhone, macOS and Windows desktop.

Moreover, the pricing of Monster VoIP is very simple. You can take 14 days free trial or pay $27/month ($270/year) to enjoy the service.

15. Aircall

Aircall, an all-in-one cloud phone, is one of the top Google Voice alternatives in the market. The biggest advantage is it offers a stable and reliable call quality. Additionally, it serves the following features:

  • Toll-free numbers.
  • International numbers from 100+ countries.
  • Call conferencing, call routing, call monitoring and call whispering..
  • Smart IVR facility.
  • Customized business hours.
  • Voicemail transcription.
  • Personalized three-digit extensions.
  • Spam caller blocking.
  • Share call inbox and contacts.
  • CRM integration and many more.

Further, the pricing may also be flexible for you:

  • Essentials: $30/user/month, billed annually.
  • Professionals: $50/user/month, billed annually.
  • Custom: You need to contact them for the customized package as per your demand.

Altogether Aircall works like a virtual call center getting all numbers in one place. Besides, it works on Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to improve team productivity and customer experience. As a small or large business owner, these will surely be helpful to you.


The VoIP market is essentially growing day by day. In addition, the need for customer service for a small or medium business is also rising. In that case, it’s important to have the best VoIP communication solution.

Google Voice is definitely a good choice while starting a business. But with poor call quality and limited services, it’s hard to continue business with the app. Therefore, you need some handful and best alternatives to upgrade your phone customer service.

However, with a wide range of standard and advanced features, it’s confusing to select the correct one for your business. For this reason, first, determine what your business requires to grow. Then you can select a suitable cloud phone application. Not to mention, you need to consider the pricing as well. So, make sure whatever VoIP service you choose, it’s worth your money.