What Does ft. Mean on YouTube

Have you ever seen the abbreviation “ft.” in a YouTube video or song title? It may confuse you sometimes as ft. and ft look similar. But these two carry different meanings. Like, ft without a dot indicates a totally different abbreviation. Sometimes the use of an abbreviation in a sentence creates a difference in the meaning.

In this guide, you’ll know what ft. means on YouTube. You’ll also get an idea of why it’s used and how to use it on your video. 

What does ft. Mean on YouTube?

The full form of the abbreviation ‘ft.’ means ‘featuring’ on YouTube. It is often used in the music industry to feature an artist who contributes to a track.


Mostly it is used in the title of a YouTube music video where an artist participates with another artist. 

For example, the official music video “Peaches” is recorded by Justin Biber featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon.

Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

Accordingly, the video title is “Justin Bieber – Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon”.

The first name “Justin Bieber” in the title is the main creator and the name after ft. which is Daniel Caesar, Giveon are invited.

But “ft.” and “ft” are different abbreviations. 

The abbreviation “ft” (without dot) means foot or feet which is used for measuring units.

On YouTube, you will get a lot of music videos with “ft.” in the title. Where the other videos related to measurement will have “ft” in the title.

How to Use ft. on YouTube Video Title?

You can use ft. in the YouTube video title while making a video with your friends or another YouTuber.

It means ft. is not only for a song video but also can be used when there’s a collaboration in a YouTube video.

For example, if you make a fashion vlog with a friend, the video title will be “Fashion Vlog ft. Your Friend’s Name”.

It’s basically the way to give credits to the partner who collaborates with you. To give them more recognition, add their social media links in the video description. So, your viewers can reach them and check out their content.

Why is ft. Used on YouTube Videos?

The reason ft. is used on YouTube videos is to give someone credit who is collaborating with another video creator. It’s a gesture to show gratitude and decency towards that person/artist.

For example, if a YouTuber named Henry is collaborating with another YouTuber for a cooking video, then the YouTuber can add “ft. Henry” to the video title. In this way, viewers can know about the collaborator “Henry”. It’ll help “Henry” to gain new subscribers to his channel.

What does ft. Mean Before a Name?

The abbreviation ft. before a name means featuring that person in the video. 

When someone collaborates with you on a YouTube video, use ft. before their name to give them credit.

This abbreviation, ft., can be used in any video where some form of collaboration is present. Whether it’s a music video, vlog, DIY or tutorial video, featuring the guest persons by using ft. gives them exposure.

For example, David (the main artist) is collaborating with Rayan (another artist) in a YouTube video then the title will be “David ft. Rayan”.

However, remember, you cannot use ft. on a video title with a single person in it.

Is feat. short form of feature?

No, “feat.” is not the short form of feature. It’s a short form of featuring. In the English dictionary, “feat” without the dot is a noun that stands for an achievement that needs skill. Usually, “feat.” is used when an artist collaborates with another artist in a YouTube music video. 

So, the word “feat” without a dot is a noun in the English language not featuring.

Contrastingly, “feat.” with the dot in a music video title indicates featuring. 

Example of Sentences or Video Titles using ft.

Are you wondering how to use ft. in a sentence or video title? Then, let’s take a look at the examples below to understand: 

  • Audio Story ft. Joseph
  • Rapid-fire ft. Roger 
  • Food Vlogs ft. Morgan
  • Motivational talks ft. Christopher

Some popular music videos using ft. are:

  • Justin Bieber- Holy ft. Chance The Rapper
Justin Bieber - Holy ft. Chance The Rapper
  • Eminem- love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna
  • Selene Gomez- Fetish ft. Gucci Mane
Selena Gomez - Fetish ft. Gucci Mane (Official Music Video)


To conclude, using ft. is a decent gesture to credit a person who collaborates with you in your video. You can use ft. in any kind of video, including music videos. 

Additionally, you can use “feat.” instead of “ft.”. Although the choice is yours, it’s better to use ft. for a compact title.