How to Fix LG IMS Keeps Stopping Error in 2022?

Are you constantly getting a pop-up on your Android mobile screen (especially LG and T-Mobile users)  that says, “Unfortunately, LG IMS keeps stopping”? The good news is that you are not the only one who is getting frustrated with the same issue. 

Millions of users have complained that they are continuously getting this error message on their phones every time they try to make calls, send or receive messages. Like many other users, you may also think what’s the use of LG IMS in your device and how to fix this issue.

Unfortunately, due to the ignorance of LG, many users complained that LG ims is nothing but a virus that is doing illegal data transmission between third parties and Android phones. However, LG has recently noticed this issue and the support team is working on developing an update to fix it.


But, what actually is LG IMS, and what to do with it until the software update version comes? To save you from your misery, in this article, we have curated a list of tried and tested solutions to fix the problem.

What is the LG IMS App?

LG IMS stands for LG IP (Internet Protocol) Multimedia Services. It mainly deals with multimedia and voice services that manage both data and audio communications over the phone (WiFi calling, VoLTE).

Reddit, Twitter and Quora users have reported that apart from LG Android phones and T-Mobile users, users have experienced the problem with other Android phones as well.

Most of them are unable to send or receive phone calls and messages when the pop-ups display on their phone screen. This issue may also affect other social media platforms. Even if you were able to send and receive phone calls and text messages, this would still be an incredibly frustrating issue.

How Do You Fix LG IMS that Keeps Stopping?

As the LG ims keep stopping pop-up is irritating; knowing the fixes is the best way to get rid of this problem. Fortunately, there are multiple simple ways to fix this and at least one of them will surely work for you to fix the LG IMS that has stopped working.

1. Uninstall all recent updates & installation

Updating or installing new applications may sometimes prompt the LG ims errors. For this, you must first check the application setting to see recent updates or installations. If you spot any, uninstall those updates and hopefully, it will fix the LG ims that keeps stopping.

2. Change the IP version

The currently running IP version may cause problems. To rule out this problem, change the IP version using the hidden menu.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Dial 277634#*#
  • Find out and tap ‘IP version
  • Shift from ‘IPV6V4’ to ‘IPV4V6’.

If you face any interruptions, you may turn on the flight mode and change the IP settings. You may turn it off once the changes are made.

3. Factory reset your phone

People usually avoid factory resetting as it clears off all the data, including the hidden apps on their phones. But if the first two methods do not work to solve the LG ims has stopped working on your android mobile, a factory reset would be the best way to proceed. Before doing so, do not forget to back up all your data.

  • Click on Settings> About Phone.
  • Go to Factory Reset.
  • Click on Erase all data to confirm.

4. Disable the application

Another way you can try is to disable LG IMS from your device. However, doing this will also obstruct you from using Wi-Fi and VoLTE on your device. In order to disable the app, follow the steps below:

  • Dial 277634#*#
  • Select Field Test> Modem Settings.
  • Tap on VoLTE on/off.
  • Finally, restart your device to complete the process.

5. Restart your device

A simple reboot of your LG can resolve most problems like volume keep going down by itself on android. All you need is to press and hold the power button and tap reboot to confirm the restarting process. You can even turn off your android and turn it on again after a while. 

If this does not work, follow the steps below:

  • Close all the apps running in the background.
  • Press and hold the power switch from your device’s right or left side.
  •  Select reboot or restart.
  •  Wait until your phone turns back on.

6. Clear system cache

If nothing fixes your problem, try clearing your system cache and app cache to troubleshoot the LG ims keeps stopping. Removing cache fixes other bugs, glitches and application issues. It will also make more space for the applications to run flawlessly. Follow the troubleshooting steps below:

  • Go to setting in your phone.
  • Tap on About phone or apps based on your phone.
  • Find out the LG IMS application.
  • Tap on clear cache and then clear data.
  •  Next, go to settings and tap clear the system cache.

Alternatively, some users also fixed the problem by clearing the com.lge.ims.rcprovider cache. Here’s how to clear the com.lge.ims.rcprovider:

  • Turn the airplane mode on first.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select Apps and notifications.
  • Click on the three dots above and tap on the show system.
  • Find out the ‘com.lge.ims.rcprovider’ and tap on it.
  • Tap on storage> clear cache and clear data.
  • Now, you may go back to the app and force stop it.

However, if none of these work out for you and if the LG IMS that keeps stopping still pops up, you must then visit an LG customer services center or seek customer support online.


LG ims is not a virus, so you don’t need to worry about your data being transferred to hackers. However, the lg ims keeps stopping is a frustrating issue, and unless LG software developers come up with an updated software version, you can try the fixes mentioned in this article. If you find this guide helpful, you can also check how to easily fix LG TV WiFi turned off issue.