Why Does Facebook Say No Internet Connection? How to Solve the Issue?

Facebook is a leading social networking service owned by the American company Meta Platforms. Since founded in 2004, it has become one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

This platform currently has 2.93 billion monthly active users. To ensure the best experience, developers keep working on updating and improving the features. However, sometimes Facebook shows some flaws, like “No Internet Connection” when trying to log in.

If Facebook says no internet connection, it’s mostly because of slow internet. Try connecting to a high-speed and stable network. If the issue still occurs, reinstall the app or check whether the server is down.


Here’s a rundown of all probable reasons and their solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

Why is Facebook Saying No Internet Connection?

The “No internet connection” problem with Facebook can occur on both the desktop website or the app.

The primary reason behind this error is the slow internet speed. Your wireless connection or mobile data speed may not be enough to connect to the server. Therefore, the Facebook page loads slowly.

Other factors can also trigger the problem. An outdated app with bugs, overloaded browser cache files, glitches on the Facebook account or a server outage can lead to this login error.

How to Fix Internet Connection Error on Facebook?

Here is a list of common solutions that you can try to fix the no internet connection error on Facebook:

Test Network Speed

If you are still getting the error, you need to check your network speed. As it has been already mentioned that slow network can be the reason why you are not able to connect to the Facebook server. 

There are plenty of websites on the internet where you can test your network speed for free. If your network speed is poor, you can contact your ISP and upgrade your plan or change your ISP.

Check Other Programs or Apps on Device

You need to be sure whether the problem is only with Facebook or not. For this, try opening other apps or programs on your phone and check whether you can access them or not. If the other apps are working fine, but you are still getting the no internet connection error on Facebook, the problem is with Facebook only.

Use A Different Browser

When you are sure that the problem is with Facebook, you can try accessing it by switching to other web or mobile browsers. So, if you are using Chrome, you can switch to Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.

Clear Cache and Data

If you are accessing Facebook using a web browser, clearing cache and other data can fix your problem. Here’s what you need to do to clear cache and data:

  1. Open the Browser’s settings.
  2. Select cache and data storage.
  3. Scroll down and remove the cache and data stored for each site separately.
  4. Go to your browser’s settings to erase cookies. You’ll see a box labeled Cookies there. Go to Manage and delete all Facebook cookies.

Reset Your Facebook Password

If in your case “No internet connection” error occurs frequently, then you need to reset your Facebook password. All you need is to open the Facebook menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines. After that, select Setting from Settings and Privacy and tap on Password and Security. Next, tap on the Change Password located under the login tab. Now, enter your current Facebook password and type a new password twice for confirmation. Finally, tap Save Changes

Once you change your password, try logging in with your new password on Facebook and check whether you are getting the error message or not.

Check for the System and App Updates

In order to check if there are any pending updates for Facebook, go to the Play Store or the App Store of your device. If you find any available update, install it. Also, go to the settings menu of your device to check system updates. 

Logout Facebook

If you’re still facing the problem, try to log out of your Facebook account. Just tap the logout option and close the program. Next time, whenever you open Facebook, you’ll be logged in automatically. 

Re-Install The Facebook App

If you are still getting the same error message, uninstall the Facebook app from your phone, and re-install it again from Google Play Store (Android users) and App Store (iOS users).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Facebook Messenger Says No Internet Connection?

If your internet connection is slow or poor, you might get the no internet connection error message on Facebook Messenger. You can fix the error by restarting your WiFI router or modem or switching to mobile data from WiFi or vice versa.

What does it mean by Facebook Internet Connection Restored?

If you use Facebook using a web browser, you can see the message that says “internet connection restored”. If your device was not connected to the internet or the network was slow, you cannot connect to the Facebook server. However, if the issues get fixed, you will get the “internet connection restored” message, which means now you can connect to the Facebook server.


Now, you know what to do when Facebook says no internet connection. You don’t need to apply all of the aforementioned methods at once to fix the problem. You can try one solution at a time to access your Facebook account.