The Guide To Ensure Your Emails Are Optimized For Your Smartphone

optimized emailWhen you look at the popularity of smartphones in today’s world of technology the amount of people who are using them is almost overwhelming and is increasing on a daily basis. Smartphones give the user the option of completing many of their daily tasks without even setting foot in front of their computer. In the recent years checking emails and sending emails have also been activities that can be done on your smartphone that are increasing. For this reason you should optimize your smartphone for receiving and sending emails. There are many tips that will help you to achieve this successfully.

The Address Of The Sender

If you are sending an email from your smartphone you will need to make sure that there is a word or a phrase that will be used as a descriptor. This word or phrase should be placed at the far left of the email address and should be very clear so there will be no doubt as to whom it is from.

The Subject Line Of The Email

When sending an email from your mobile device it should be just as descriptive as it would be if you were sending the email from your personal computer. You should be sure that your subject line includes words and phrases that are strong and relevant to the actual email. The important words should be in the very beginning of the phrase. Your goal is to be clear with your subject and make it inviting so that people will want to read it.

optimized email

The Pre Header Of Your Email

If you are sending a mass marketing email you will want to include a pre-header that will be functional for the readers. What this means is that you should get rid of the phrases saying to click her to unsubscribe or click to view in your browser. Instead you should e using reading material that is engaging and to the point.

Watch Your Email Width

When you are sending an email it is important that you remember many of your readers will be viewing the email through a mobile device and that the viewing area will be about half of what the normal viewing area is. You should also think about the number of images you will be using within your email as these will take up space within the width of the email. When reading emails on a mobile phone people like it to be direct and to the point. Therefore you should be conscious of the length and number of words contained within your email. People do not like to scroll on a mobile device to read the email.

Before sending an email you should stop and think about where your readers will probably read the email. More than likely they will probably be reading the email from a mobile device. Therefore you need to take measures to be sure that your email is readable as well as relevant.