Top 17 Dumpor Alternative Sites to Download Instagram Stories Anonymously

Dumpor is a free Instagram story viewer that helps you stalk someone’s profile without them knowing. You can view their IG stories, posts, reels, followers and tagged posts. In short, Dumpor allows you to view Instagram accounts anonymously without an account.

You simply visit the Dumpor site and use the search bar to search for any Instagram profile, hashtag or location. It’s a great platform that’s used to analyze profiles, followers, likes and comments. Furthermore, browsing an account secretly, downloading content and multi-language support are some of its best services.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the top 17 sites like Dumpor that you can use to view and download anything on Instagram.


Best Alternatives to Dumpor

1. Pixwox


Pixwox is said to be one of the best alternatives to Dumpor. You can effortlessly view and download Instagram stories and posts with Pixwox. Besides, you can explore your desired usernames through it. The best thing is it lets you download and view private Instagram accounts as well as public accounts. Some of its famous hashtags are art, fashion, girl, beautiful, food, love, etc.

You can consider it the best Instagram viewer and downloader. Similar to Dumpor, it doesn’t require registration or subscription.

2. InstaDP

InstaDP is an all-in-one tool that helps you download Instagram profile pictures, stories, reels, stories highlights and posts. The site has an attractive user interface and it’s easy to browse. For instance, select the item you want to download, enter the Instagram username/URL, click “Get” to view results and download them.

InstaDP provides a quick and easy way to download photos in HD quality. Just like Dumpor, it’s free.

3. izoomYou

If you want to enlarge someone’s Instagram profile picture at HD quality, izoomYou is a good option. It’s one of the excellent alternatives to Dumpor that lets you view public and private accounts anonymously. In addition, you can view and download pictures, videos, profile pictures and stories from Instagram to your mobile and stalk anyone.

4. InstaStories

InstaStories is one of the best alternatives to Dumpor. It provides a free service for anonymous viewing and browsing of others’ IG accounts. On this Instagram viewer site, just enter the username in the search bar and select the search button to see the profile. For instant access, add your desired usernames to favorites. Apart from checking stories, you can also download highlights and posts without login.

5. Instalkr

As the name suggests, Instalkr is an amazing site to stalk people on Instagram. It has many exciting features you may not see on Dumpor. You can watch all stories of an intended user secretly. Along with stories, it allows you to view posts, likes, comments and subscriptions. You may not be able to download them, but you can view everything and stalk them without leaving any traces.

6. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is an Instagram client that you can download on Windows to save publicly shared IG stories, posts and others. It offers unique features which aren’t available on Dumpor. For instance, you can download and archive multiple Instagram posts with the actual caption and original resolution. To do that, enter the username, hashtag or location into the site and click on download.

Additionally, you can download highlights, saved posts and private content without paying or logging in. It’s a better app than Dumpor for downloading media from private accounts.

7. Story Saver

Your next choice to download Instagram stories of other people is Story Saver. It enables you to become a pro stalker without being tracked. You can easily view and download stories and highlights from a public profile on Windows, Mac or mobile.

In order to download, simply enter your desired username, click “Download”, select the current story or highlight and click the “Save as” button.

8. Instasaved

Another top Instagram downloader site that you can pick other than Dumpor is Instasaved. It provides a fast and easy way to track, watch and download stories from Instagram. You don’t need to register or give any personal credentials to use this site.

In the search box, just type the username whose story you want to watch and download it on any device. That includes any computer, tablet, iPad or mobile. Apart from stories, you can check highlights, live streams, avatars and publications of public Instagram accounts.

9. Picuki

Picuki is a great Instagram editor and viewer that you can select as the best alternative to Dumpor. It lets you browse Instagram anonymously and edit stories, photos, tags and followers.

Since you can browse without logging in, the site comes handy while checking someone’s profile. Many people prefer Picuki over Dumpor because it gives unique functionalities.

10. FastSave

FastSave is a video downloader that assists its users to view and download photos, videos and reels without paying. It’s an extensively used platform for stalking accounts on Instagram. That’s why it can be a perfect substitute to Dumpor.

You can download videos and photos to view them offline. It’s also easy to repost them in just a few clicks. Further, you can save multiple videos and photos on its sleek dashboard. The app ensures easy browsing, data privacy and fast download speed for your intended items.

11. Stories IG

Another magnificent tool that you can get on your device to view Instagram stories, stalk other accounts and download their content without being noticed is Stories IG. It helps you to watch stories anonymously and download them like Dumpor.

However, you can only view or download from a public Instagram account. For that, enter your target’s username, select the search icon and wait for a minute to view the result. Then save the stories and highlights on a PC, Mac or mobile.

12. StoriesDown

StoriesDown is considered to be the best Instagram viewer, similar to Dumpor. You can watch stories anonymously and easily without an account by using StoriesDown. Just enter the username you intend to stalk and it won’t notify them when you screenshot a story. You can further save and share stories in high resolution on any device.

13. Ingramer

Ingramer is an excellent alternative to Dumpor. It’s the simplest tool to watch and download Instagram stories, videos and pictures. If someone has blocked your account, then don’t worry. You can use this website over Dumpor and enjoy watching others’ posts.

Ingramer is basically an Instagram bot that helps to grow your followers organically. The website offers many exciting features, like downloading entire profiles or searching by hashtags. To unlock more benefits, you can get its premium plan.

14. Bigbangram

Another similar site like Dumpor is Bigbangram. It’s an advanced tool to watch IG stories anonymously, boost Instagram marketing and download stories/posts/reels in HD. If you wish to download someone’s entire profile, just enter their username and select all content to download.

Just like Dumpor, Bigbangram is free to use and has an intuitive user interface. You don’t need to sign in on this site or fill in the annoying captcha. Apart from these, this bot helps you unfollow all Instagram accounts, generate hashtags and promote your social network.

15. Storiesgram

Another Dumpor alternative is Storiesgram which gives an anonymous way to discover and download content from Instagram. Through this exceptional tool, you can secretly download stories, photos, videos, reels, profile pictures and IGTV. It has a sleek download button below every post. Just select it and you’ll get your desired item on the device. You don’t require an Instagram account for that.


Try  Greatfon as an amazing Instagram story viewer to view stories, profiles, posts, followers, tagged posts, etc., without revealing your identity. Simply search by a location, tag or username and you’ll get your desired result within a second.

Furthermore, you can download content anonymously. Similar to Dumpor, this site collects Instagram data to analyze profiles, followers, likes and comments.

17. Anon IG Viewer

The last name on the Dumpor best alternatives is Anon IG Viewer. This online platform helps you view Instagram stories and posts of users you’re curious about. It keeps your viewing anonymous so nobody can know you’ve stalked them. You can even download stories or posts on a PC or mobile without registration or sign-in. It’s completely free and safe to use.

Ending Note

So, these are the best alternatives to Dumpor that you can select to view Instagram stories anonymously. These sites don’t ask for subscriptions, personal details or Instagram login credentials. So, you don’t have to worry about privacy.

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