6 Ways to Download Private Facebook Videos

You can download a Facebook video to watch it offline or share it on other social media platforms. However, videos set as “Private” are not easy to view and download simply via the URL. So, how to download private Facebook videos?

You can download private Facebook videos easily with the help of online video downloader tools and websites. All you need is the source code of the video page to download it successfully.

Here we’ll discuss such top 6 ways to download private Facebook videos.


1. FBDown.net

A web app that has been very popular as a Facebook private video downloader is FBDown.net. This online site has two separate tools to either download private or public videos of Facebook.

To download private Facebook videos using FBDown.net, follow the process:

  1. From your web browser, go to fbdown.net/private-downloader.php.
  2. In another tab, log in to your Facebook account and find the page where the video has been uploaded.
  3. To view the source code, Windows users press Ctrl+U, and Mac users press Command+option+U.
  4. On the source code page, press Ctrl+A to select all texts and Ctrl+C to copy.
  5. Once you get the source code, copy-paste it into the FBDown’s box.
  6. Click on Download.

Remember, you need to copy the source code by visiting the video’s unique URL.

2. FBDownloader

FBDownloader is a fast and free way to download private videos from Facebook and save them as MP4.

It’s a very simple process to follow. You need to find and copy the video’s URL, then open https://fbdownloader.net/, paste the video link in the input box and click Go. To get the video, right-click on the video file and select Save As.

Apart from the desktop, you can use FBDownloader on mobile also.

3. Vidsaver

The next website you can try out to download private Facebook videos is Vidsaver. The interface is easy to use and similar to the previous methods.

Copy the video URL from Facebook and visit the Vidsaver site. Click the Private video option, enter the private video link in the box, hit Go, select Copy to copy the Facebook video page source code and click Next. Next, paste the source code and click Next. The tool will start fetching the video.

In case it can’t retrieve the video, you can use the Vidsaver Chrome extension also.

4. oDownloader

oDownloader is a free tool to download private Facebook videos online and convert them into MP3 or MP4. Apart from Facebook, you can download videos from Instagram and YouTube with different tools in oDownloader.

Simply copy the Facebook video’s page source code, paste it in the oDownloader page’s search box and hit Download. You can download the tool also on your Windows PC to download videos easily.

5. Getfvid

Another free online Facebook private video downloader worth trying is Getfvid. Not only download, but also it can convert Facebook videos to MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video). You can use this tool on computers, mobiles and tablets as well.

To download private videos from Facebook, copy the video’s page source, open getfvid.com/private-downloader and paste the code in the search box. Then, click Download and it’ll save the video in your download folder.

6. Video Downloader PLUS

If you don’t want to use a website to download Facebook videos, try a Google Chrome web extension called Video Downloader PLUS (offered by FBDown). With this extension, you can download multiple videos simultaneously and save them in any format.

Additionally, Video Downloader PLUS can download the most popular media types from any website like Vimeo, Dailymotion, different streaming sites etc. So, if you’re willing so, add the latest version 6.1 to your Chrome and download private Facebook videos.

That’s all. Try one of the tools and you can surely view the Facebook videos that was marked as private.

However, remember the private videos often contain sensitive information. So, do not share any unnecessary private things of someone with others, as this might get you into legal trouble.