How to Connect Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi

Are you struggling to connect the Google Home Mini speaker to Wi-Fi? Then you’re at the right place to learn some useful tips.

Google Home line has varieties of smart speakers, including Google Home Mini, original Google Home, Google Home Hub, Google Home Max etc. These line features are controlled by in-built Google Assistant that responds to an array of commands. Google Home Mini is the voice-controlled speaker used to play music, video, control home gadgets, answer trivia questions and many more.

But wait, are you a first time user? Then, you need to know how to connect Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi before using it. In case you’ve already connected but changed the Wi-Fi network setting, you may find difficulties in re-connecting the Home Mini. However, if you’ve lost the phone or delete the Google Home app associated with the device, you can face challenges to run it again.

Don’t worry. This article will provide you a short guide with the necessary steps.

How to Connect your Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi

To connect Google Home mini to your Wi-Fi, first, you need the followings:

  • Download the latest Google Home app from the Google Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iOS devices.
  • A Google account.
  • Name and password for your existing Wi-Fi.

As your Google Home speaker has no screen to interact with, the Google Home app acts as a remote control for the device. So, never uninstall the app. Otherwise, you can’t operate the speaker. Not only smart speakers but also you can control any audio, video or smart Home devices using the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, plug in the Google Home and follow the process of how to connect Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your device.
  1. Select or enter your Google account that you want to connect with the Home Mini.
  1. If promoted, enable Bluetooth on the device.
  1. The app now discovers your new Google Home device. Select Next.
  1. The speaker should Play a sound. When you hear it, select Yes.
  1. Select the room or location for your device on the Where is this device screen.
  1. Enter a unique name for your Google Home Mini speaker to avoid mixing up with other devices in the same room.
  1. Choose the Wi-Fi network from the displayed list and select Next.
  1. Enter the Wi-Fi password and select Connect.
  1. A confirmation message will appear. You should now be able to connect the Google Home Mini speaker.

How to Connect Google Home Mini to a New or Updated Wi-Fi?

Have you changed the Wi-Fi network of the Google Home Mini? Or did you just update the password of the existing Wi-Fi?

Then, you need to re-connect the Google Home speaker with the new network or existing network with a changed password. Additionally, suppose you move to a different location that uses a different network. In that case, also you need to connect Google Home Mini with the new Wi-Fi.

Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Connect your mobile or tablet with the same network as Google Home Mini.
  1. Open the Google Home app.
  1. From the upper-right corner, select the device button.
  1. A list will open with all Google Home devices with their user-specified names and images. Choose the one you wish to connect with Wi-Fi and select its menu button, the three horizontal lines from the top-right corner of the speaker card.
  1. Select Settings from the pop-up menu.
  1. Scroll down to find Device Settings and select Wi-Fi.
  1. If your Google Home is connected to a network, select Forget This Network.
  1. Select Forget Wi-Fi Network to confirm.
  1. Select the device button again from the app’s home screen.
  1. Select Add New Device.
  1. Now you’ll be prompted to go to your mobile or tablet’s Wi-Fi settings. Connect to the customized Google Home hotspot within the Wi-Fi network list.
  1. Return to the Google Home app.
  1. When the speaker makes a sound, select Yes.
  1. From the Where is this device screen, select the location of the device.
  1. Enter a unique name for the speaker.
  1. From the available Wi-Fi list, choose one to connect to Google Home Mini. Select Next.
  1. Provide the Wi-Fi password, perhaps the new one, in case you’ve updated it and select Connect.
  1. A successful confirmation message will appear.

What Happens When You Delete The Google Home App?

Are you going to delete the Google Home app? It’s better to know the consequences before deleting it.

If you lose the phone or delete the app mistakenly, the Home is removed from your Google account. Therefore, you can’t use the Google Home app to control devices added with it. It’s important to realize that your mobile or tablet acts as a remote control for the Google Home. Without them or the app, it’s not possible to use the Home Mini.

Well, you can avoid such issues. All you need is to factory reset the Google Home device and then re-sync it with a smartphone. A factory reset will reset your Google Home Mini speaker to its default settings. However, this will wipe out all data from the device.

So, how to change Google Home Mini’s Wi-Fi network if you delete the app?

  1. Press and hold the factory reset button below the power cable on the bottom of Google Home Mini. You can see a circle carved at the base.
  1. After five seconds, the factory reset will start.
  1. Hold the button for ten seconds more until you hear a sound that confirms that the device is resetting.

However, you can’t use a voice command or Google Home app to factory reset the device.

Some Troubleshooting Tips When Google Home Mini Doesn’t Work

You’ve now learned the simple process for how to connect Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi. But what if it still doesn’t work? You may then need to check for some errors and follow the instructions below to fix issues during setup.

Here are some troubleshooting tips for you.

  • Connect Wi-Fi properly with the device

First and foremost, check whether you’ve connected Wi-Fi properly with the Home Mini device or not. For this, install the Google Home app first on your mobile and try to connect the network manually.

  • Change the router and device position

Your Google Home device won’t work unless it’s close to the router. The router acts as a middleman between your device and the internet. Hence, you must position them close enough for a strong network connection. So, you may try to move the router or Google Home Mini to solve the connection problem.

  • Restart the router and device

If removing and re-positioning the router and device doesn’t help, try to restart them. However, it’s easy to restart Google Home Mini using the Google Home app.

  • Select the device you want to restart from the app.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select the Three Dot Menu.
  • Select Reboot.

Additionally, you can update the modem and router firmware to check if it resolves the issue.

  • Enter correct Wi-Fi password

Don’t be surprised, but this is a common mistake most people make. Check if you’ve entered the correct Wi-Fi password. To make sure, you can try connecting another device to Wi-Fi using the same password.

  • Move or turn off the other devices to avoid interference

However, several devices connected to the same network sometimes cause signal interference. Consequently, it results in a delayed connection. You can solve this issue by moving the Google Home device away from them. Even better, turn off other network devices connected to the same internet.

  • Reset the factory settings of Google Home Mini

As already discussed, resetting the device sometimes solves all the issues. Though you can’t retrieve your data after the action, it’s worth a try. Hence, try reset the factory settings of Google Home Mini and check if you can connect Wi-Fi to its default settings.

  • Furthermore, you can unplug the device for a few seconds and plug it back in to solve the connection problem.
  • Restart the Google Home app to resolve any setup issue.

The Wrap Up

Google Home Mini is an excellent smart device introduced by Google. Recently Google has added the ability to make and place phone calls from the speaker and locate your mobile if lost somewhere within your home. But this is only be done when it has an internet connection.

However, the connection set up with Wi-Fi may seem difficult. Especially when you change your network or password and delete the Google Home app, Google Home Mini stops working. In that case, you can try the steps mentioned above and tips to activate it.

Moreover, you can disconnect and reconnect the Home device to Wi-Fi anytime you want.  Now enjoy your Google Home Mini.