How to Change Reddit Username – Possible Ways

When you create a new account on Reddit, you’re assigned a unique default username. While it’s easy to change usernames on Instagram or Twitter anytime, Reddit doesn’t allow the same.

Though as a new user, you’ll have one chance to change the username. Once you set a new one, it can’t be changed furthermore with the existing account.

But do you wish to create a new trendy username on Reddit? Then you’re at the right place. Keep reading the article to find out how to change Reddit usernames.


Can You Really Change Your Reddit Username?

With 52 million daily active users, Reddit is a global social platform to explore different content. It can be images, text or videos on music, art, science, movies, book or any specific genre.

As a new user, Reddit provides a default username that you may want to alter. But can you change your Reddit username? Well, the answer is yes and no.

If you’ve logged into the account using the Apple ID or Google account and haven’t changed or finalized the username yet, there is a possibility.

However, once you finalize it, there is no way to change or correct it later. This is basically to avoid any cybercrime like impersonation or fraud. The only solution is to deactivate the account, create a new one and set a new username. In that case, the old username will become unusable and won’t be available again.

How to Change Reddit Username?

Are you a first-time Reddit user? Then here’s how to change username on Reddit for both Android and iPhone. But remember, when a username is assigned to you after creating a new account, you have 30 days to change it.

Change Reddit username on Android:

Let’s follow the simple steps below if you’re an Android user for Reddit:

1. Open the Reddit app on Android.

2. Log in to the account or register with a new one.

3. At the top left corner, tap on your avatar.

4. Tap on My Profile.

5. Before continuing, Reddit will ask for confirmation whether you want to keep the randomly assigned username or change it.

6. Tap on Change Username.

7. Type the username carefully because you can’t make any corrections again.

8. Tap Next on the top right corner.

9. A confirmation will appear if you want to use the username forever.

10. Tap Save Username.

And you’re done.

Change Reddit username on iPhone:

As an iPhone user, the process is quite easy to change Reddit username.

  1. Open Reddit on iPhone. Log in to the existing account or register with a new one.
  2. Select your avatar from the upper left of the screen and tap on My Profile.
  3. You’ll be asked if you like to keep the username or change it to a new one.
  4. Tap Change Username.
  5. Type the username carefully as you want.
  6. Tap Next in the top right corner.
  7. Reddit will ask for confirmation whether you want to use this username forever.
  8. Tap Save Username.

If there is no option to change the username, you probably have accidentally chosen to keep the existing one or it’s past 30 days. In that case, check out the next process to fulfill your requirement.

Change Reddit username by creating a new Reddit account:

What if the name you selected has lost its meaning? People tend to provide a username based on the latest trend and as time passes, it gets old and becomes less appealing.

As already discussed, changing a username on Reddit is a one-time action. Thankfully, an alternate solution for this problem is to create a new account. You can deactivate the current account and sign up for a new one or keep both of them.

Also, remember that the old account gets deleted after deactivation and you’ll lose access to it. Though the post shared from that account will remain on Reddit and the username will be replaced by the *deleted* tag.

Here’s how to change Reddit username by creating a new account.

1. Navigate to Reddit on a browser in the PC or Mac.

2. If you’re still signed in to the current account, sign out by clicking the arrow icon in the top right corner.

3. Click Log Out from the drop down menu.

4. Click Sign Up from the top right corner.

5. Provide your email address and click Continue.

6. Enter a new username, provide a password and select Sign Up to finalize it.

If you’re using the same email address, Reddit won’t verify it further. Now, you can start fresh with a new account and a new username on Reddit.

How Do You Choose A Good Username On Reddit?

It’s very common that at some point, people may feel the existing username is nothing much to go with. Some get bored with the older one, whereas some want to change it because of a silly username they set at an early age.

Another mistake people make when they think changing the display name will change the username too. But both are different and this solution is not helpful at all. You can change the display name as often as desired, but it won’t replace or hide the username. Others can still view it on your profile and posts.

Hence, be aware while choosing a new Reddit username with the new account. Not to mention, you can create multiple accounts on Reddit even with the same email id. But you need to ensure not to make any mistakes and come up with a good Reddit username to use forever. You can even create an avatar that resembles your username by using avatar maker.

Let’s give you some tips to choose a suitable username for your Reddit account:

  • If the account is related to a brand or company, select a username that matches the name, value or motto.
  • Think of your hobby or interest and create a username based on it, such as gardening, music, art etc.
  • Take references from pop culture or quotes from your favorite movie.
  • Something food-related if you’re a food lover.
  • Get help from the Reddit username generator to find some cool Reddit names.


In short, you need to be careful while providing and finalizing the Reddit username. Once you’re done, there is no chance to alter it again.

However, if you’re okay to delete the previous account and use a new one, then you’re welcome to do that. But in case you’re not ready to give up the account yet or losing all karma points with the account, select a username you’re comfortable with.