How to Fix Challenge Required Instagram Error

Are you encountering the error “Challenge Required” on your Instagram account?

The error message Error.challenge_required was implemented by Instagram as a security measure

It’s created by developers to stop spam, bots and automation on the platform.


If you come up with this error, it means you’ve probably made several attempts to log in. Or you are following, liking, and commenting on too many posts in a short time.

In this article, you will learn what is it and how to fix Challenge Required Instagram error.

What Causes Instagram challenge_required Error?

The bug is a security system designed to protect users’ accounts. 

One common cause of the error is users trying to log in to their accounts for different devices.

In these situations, Instagram will ask you to authenticate your identity by providing the OTP or security code sent to you via email.

This can also happen if you do not receive the code or have exceeded the maximum number of attempts to log in to your account.

Instagram algorithms can quickly identify inappropriate activities like sending too many message requests in one go or too many followers or comments.

In such cases, you can encounter the error as the system flags these activities.

How To Fix Challenge_required Instagram Error?

No matter how common the error is, it is fixable.

First, you can always use the same device to access your Instagram account and eliminate the chances of the error.

You can change your network connection.

You can also update the app and clear the cache if the error persists.

Since the error is a security check, you should set up the Two-factor authentication from settings.

Still not fixed? DW. Here are some methods to fix the error:

  • Change Your Network Connection
  • Login From The Old Device
  • Try “Access Data” In Settings
  • Update The App
  • Clear Cache 

1. Change Your Network Connection

For security reasons, when this error occurs, Instagram temporarily blocks your IP address and prevents your IP from connecting to its servers.

Thus, you must change your IP to fix the challenge_required error.

To change your IP, you must change your device’s network connection. One way of doing this is switching from mobile data to a Wi-Fi network and vice-versa.

You can change your network connection from the settings menu on your mobile. 

If you cannot change the network connection, try connecting through a proxy server or VPN to change your IP address and Log in to your account.

Changing the network connection can fix the “challenge_required” error and log in to your account. 

2. Login From The Old Device

You can experience the error if logging in to your account from a new device. Logging in to your account from the old device is best to eliminate the bug. 

Usually, when you try to access your account from a new device, Instagram asks you to authenticate your identity by providing the verification code sent to you via email. 

However, if you are experiencing this error, you will likely not receive the security code to authenticate and access your account. 

Thus, logging in to your account from the old device is best. 

3. Update The App

Another way to overcome the challenge_required error is to update the Instagram app. 

Technical glitches and issues are usually resolved when you update the app.

If you want to update the app, visit the Google or Apple App Store, depending on your mobile device. 

Search for Instagram and update it.

After the update, open the app and log in to your account.

4. Clear Cache

Clearing your cache on Instagram can fix the challenge_required error, as it removes errors in the system. 

If you want to clear the cache, follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Open the Settings menu on your mobile device.

Step 2: Select “Application” or “App Setting” by scrolling down the Settings menu.

Step 3: Now select the Instagram App.

Step 4: Now tap on Clear Cache to complete action.

After clearing the cache, re-launch the app and see if the error is eliminated.

5. Check If The App Is Down

You can encounter the challenge-required error if Instagram servers go down. 

In such cases, you must wait until the app returns to normal. To know if Instagram servers are down, visit Instagram’s official website and look for recent messages to learn about servers and other issues. 

You can also confirm it with a friend and ask if they face the same issue. If yes, the servers are down; you must wait until it works again.

What Does “challenge_required” Error Mean?

The challenge_required error means a security net designed by Instagram to protect the data of its users from spammers, hackers, and bots. The security check enables Instagram to monitor the identities of its users.

The error ensures that users authenticate their identity before logging in to their accounts. If you do not comply with this, Instagram temporarily blocks your IP address from accessing its servers and, therefore, cannot log in to your account. 

You should set up the “Two-factor authentication” on your Instagram account to avoid the challenge-required error.


This blog explores the different methods to avoid and eliminate the challenge_required error on Instagram.

So now, the next time you experience the error, you will know how to fix the challenge_required error on Instagram.