Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy – Quick Fix

Taking a screenshot on Android is very helpful to capture what you’re seeing on-screen and save it for future reference. However, it’s frustrating when an Android device fails to take screenshots. Instead, it shows an error message saying, “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy”.

If your Android screenshot function isn’t working properly, here are three possible fixes.

Fix 1: Exit Chrome Incognito Mode On Android

While you’re on Incognito mode in Chrome, Android doesn’t allow its users to take screenshots due to security concerns. If you try to capture the screen in this mode, it shows a warning message that it cannot capture screen on the interface.


Unfortunately, there is no option to disable this feature. The only solution is to exit the Incognito Mode on Chrome and switch to normal mode to take screenshots. Further, you can try other browsers like Firefox that allows screenshot during private browsing.

Fix 2: Disable The Policy Set On Phone

If a company or school has issued your Android device, they can set a policy of not taking screenshots to protect device security. Similarly, if you’ve added a work account to the phone, the same policy can be imposed.

In that case, you need to contact the IT department to get the information in other ways rather than screenshots. Or, remove the work account with the policy from the device Settings.

If you still can’t enable screenshots, download a third-party app for this or use another phone and take a picture of the screen you’re attempting for a screenshot.

Fix 3: Remove App Restrictions To Enable Screenshots

Many apps contain sensitive information like financial records, banking details, medical reports or other personal databases. Therefore, such apps restrict you from taking screenshots to secure your privacy from hackers and display “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy”.

You can try to turn on the screenshot feature in the app Settings. However, if disabling screenshots is an in-built feature for the app, get another device to click an image.