10 Must-Attend Blockchain Summit Conference 2018

Your search for blockchain summit conference 2018 ends here. We have prepared a list of all the blockchain summit conferences you must attend in 2018. If you would like to become a speaker, exhibitor or sponsor at one of these top blockchain summit conferences, read on to see how many opportunities are available out there.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are changing the world at an ever increasing pace. With the arrival of Bitcoin, the blockchain was launched to the world which is often contemplated to be one of the most remarkable tech findings of the 21st century.

Here’s our list of 10 Blockchain Summit Conference 2018

Blockchain World Conference 2018 (July 11th – 13th)

One of the biggest blockchain conferences in 2018, the Blockchain World Conference is scheduled for July 2018. The event will be held in Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, New Jersey. The bitcoin conference 2018 promises to be the world’s first “truly global” event dedicated to blockchain technology. The key attraction at the event will be the well-known computer programmer and crypto enthusiast John McAfee, the keynote speaker Patrick M. Byrne, CEO of Overstock, and blockchain experts, authors from around the world.

Blockchain Summit Conference 2018

Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 (Nov 1st – 2nd)

Malta is also known as the “Blockchain Island.” The reason is the two biggest crypto exchanges that moved to the island – OKEx and Binance. Malta has promised to provide jurisdictional certainty to blockchain and crypto companies. The Malta Blockchain Summit is going to be a massive event in November this year. Four conferences, a two-day hackathon event, ICO Pitch and Blockchain Awards ceremony will be major attractions here. The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat himself will be attending the event as a keynote speaker.

Blockchain Conference DC 2018 (July 26th – 27th)

The George Washington University, Washington D.C. will be the venue for the 3rd Blockchain Conference DC 2018. The blockchain summit conference 2018 is a big event aiming to bring experts from different industries to discuss the future of blockchain technology. Key speakers will include figures from new businesses, venture capital firms, government organizations, finance, and tech industries.

Block Show Asia 2018 (Nov 29th – 30th)

Last year over 1500 blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts gathered at BlockShow Asia in Singapore. Afte this huge success, this year’s event will be held in November in Singapore. The Blockchain Summit Conference 2018 event attracts people from many countries and connects investors with entrepreneurs. The best thing about the event is you can meet and connect with many blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs can kickstart their funding journey right from the event by discussing ideas in informal meetings or on stage.

Block-Con 2018 (Oct 10th – 11th)

Block-Con 2018 is the only bitcoin conference 2018 at the west coast that brings Bitcoin community together. The Blockchain Summit Conference 2018 event covers subjects such as cybersecurity, future of blockchain technology, decentralized marketplaces, and blockchain learning. The event is dedicated to the blockchain community where people gain insights, meet with speakers, and learn about new industry tools.

World Crypto Conference 2018 (Oct 31st – Nov 2nd)

If you’re not attending the Malta Blockchain Summit in November, The World Crypto Conference is coming to Las Vegas this year at the Aria Hotel. The bitcoin conference 2018 will bring cryptocurrency and blockchain industry experts in one place. The theme of the event is focused on the mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With over 5,000 confirmed attendees and more than 150 exhibitors, the 2018 event is going to be one of the biggest blockchain conferences.

New York Fintech 2018 (July 31st – Aug 2nd)

The New York Fintech Week is a perfect combination of finance, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology conference, exhibition, workshop, and meetings. The multi-day event brings together some of the industry’s leading investors, consultants, start-ups, innovators, and banks. The main conference will be held in Times Square and other events will be organized in nearby places. Speakers from IBM, Ethereum, Bloomberg and many companies attended the previous events and organizers are making the event bigger this year.

The 2018 US-China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference (Aug 22)

The blockchain conference 2018 will be held in Los Angeles. This one-day event is hosted by Artisan Business Group INC. and Blockchain China Connect. It is the only investment and funding event that brings China and US at one platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency industry discussions. It is one of the best blockchain events for ICOs and cryptocurrency trading platforms to find overseas solutions for business operations. The event will cover topics such as blockchain technology, bitcoin mining, capital raising, startup investment, ICOs, virtual currency trading, taxation, and SEC compliance. Over 30 speakers from China and the U.S. will join the audience.

Bloconomic ASEAN 2018 (Aug 16th – 17th)

The blockchain conference 2018 includes the main conference, mini-exhibitions, panel sessions, focused on the blockchain, cryptocurrency and their future prospects. Key speakers will cover certain areas of the blockchain technology including trading, mining, wallets, regulatory acts, latest blockchain innovations, potential pitfalls, and ICO market. The event will be hosted in Kuala Lumpur featuring more than 20 key speakers from different industries including pharma, logistic, stock trading, food, agriculture, gaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Blockchain Forum für KMU 2018 (November 22)

The 1-day event known as Blockchain for Business Forum aims to introduce blockchain technology to small and medium businesses. Attending this event means you will be able to participate in discussions covering subjects like blockchain, ICOs, implementation of safe and secure blockchain technology in different industries, and regulation process. The event will take place in St. Gallen city of Switzerland. This is one of the best blockchain events in 2018 focusing on small and medium enterprises. For people looking to implement or work in blockchain technology, and those who want to learn the basics or meet key people in the industry, this event is a must-attend blockchain conference in 2018.

The core idea behind almost all the blockchain conferences is to bring together founders, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts. The best thing about these events is that all of them can help you connect and build relationships with people who are interested in building products or investing in the blockchain technology in some or other ways.

Some events may require you to register long before the actual event date to reserve your seat. It’s advisable to check the official announcements to stay informed about the latest event updates and plans.