How to Block Youtube on Chromebook in 2022[Explained]

If your kids use Chromebook, chances are YouTube is the most-visited website on their browsing history. The site has different educational and entertaining channels for kids and teens to watch. At the same time, there can be other content that is inappropriate or harmful to them.

YouTube displays all types of content on Chrome’s OS screen and if your young one uses Chromebook very often, you might be cautious about what they’re watching.

Thankfully, you can easily block YouTube on Chromebook. So, kids can safely browse the internet and don’t get distracted by random videos on YouTube. Keep reading the article to find out the methods.


How to Block YouTube on Chromebook

Using Extension to block YouTube

A browser extension is like a plugin that you can install from the Chrome Web Store and add to the Google Chrome web launcher. Extensions offer certain features and functions and in our case, we’ll use an extension that can block websites like YouTube.

Step 1

First, open Google Chrome Web Store in order to download an extension to block your desired website.

Step 2

Now, type Block Websites, Website Blocker or other similar terms in the search bar and hit Enter. It will display multiple applications that you can install on your Chromebook.

Step 3

Check all the extensions and select one according to your requirements.

Step 4

Click Add to Chrome and wait until the download and installation process ends and the website blocker is ready to work.

Step 5

Open the three dots menu on Chrome at the top right, select Settings > Extensions and check if the extension is added properly.

Step 6

The settings of the extension depend on which one you are downloading. But mostly it is quite easy to manage and use. Type the YouTube homepage that is in the given field and any link under it will be blocked immediately. Simply unblock YouTube again whenever you want the kids or others to access the site if you don’t want to block YouTube on Chromebook permanently.

Using Google Chrome Safe Search

If you want to restrict your kids from accessing any adult and malicious websites, Safe search can help in this matter. It restricts adult websites from opening instead of blocking them. 

So, here’re the steps to use Safe Search:

  1. Open Chrome and search for
  2. Click on Settings from the bottom right corner of your screen.
  3. Select Search Settings from the list and mark the box beside Turn on SafeSearch.

This feature will control searches on Google and filter out offensive or adult content in Google web search results.

Turn Off Guest Browsing

When you block YouTube with extensions, it gets blocked only on your Google Account. But if you’re browsing through the guest mode, the extension won’t work as it offers unlimited internet surfing without restrictions. In that case, you need to disable Guest Browsing on Chrome to make things work.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Chromebook.
  2. Select Manage other people from the Security and Privacy section.
  3. You can see the option to disable Guest Browsing. Simply toggle off the button to complete the process.

Create a Child Account

If your kid frequently uses Chromebook to access YouTube, use the Family Link app and establish parental controls over your Chromebook. It’ll manage your child’s app usage and help you to choose the appropriate websites for them. 

Ending Note

Hopefully, now you have learned about how to block YouTube on your Chromebook. The simple and quick method is to add the BlockSite extension to your browser. Additionally, keep in mind to turn the guest browsing off so BlockSite can work on the guest mode too. If an extension isn’t enough, set up a child’s account to control and track their browsing.