How To Skip or Block Hulu Ads

Hulu is an online streaming platform where you can watch live TV shows and movies. Hulu has 41.6 million paid subscribers and is currently owned by Walt Disney.

With its most popular plan, $5.99/month, Hulu offers on-demand access to hit movies, originals, kids shows and more. However, this is not an ad-free subscription. You’ll see some annoying ads while watching shows.

If you want to enjoy interruption-free shows, you must block Hulu ads during streaming. Here we’ll discuss how to block or skip Hulu ads.

block hulu ads

How to Block Hulu Ads?

Here are some easy methods to block Hulu ads successfully and get a commercial-free experience.

1. Adblock Plus Chrome Extension

If you’re watching your favorite shows on a PC, you can use Adblock Plus Chrome extension to block unwanted Hulu ads. But instead of blocking ads directly, it replaces them with a blank white screen to hide the ads. If you’re fine with the blank screen, installing Adblock Plus will be the right choice.

Besides, after installing the plug-in, you may face difficulties playing some videos or shows. In that case, you can simply disable or remove the extension from the browser.

2. Hulu Ads Skipper

With 30,000+ subscribers, Hulu Ads Skipper is a popular ad blocker extension for Chrome. After recognizing the ads automatically, it mutes and fast forwards to skip the commercials.

3. Automatically Skip Hulu Ads

If the above extensions do not work try Automatically Skip Hulu Ads. It can skip ads automatically by fast-forwarding them and reduces the ad duration from 90 seconds to 6 seconds.

4. Blokada


If you’re a mobile user, you can use Blokada to get rid of Hulu ads. It’s the best ad blocker for Android and iOS devices. , Visit their official website to download and install the app. After downloading tap Blacklist and Goodbye ads to run this app perfectly on your smartphone, tablet or iPhone.

For Android users, we recommend downloading Blokada 5 Slim app as it’s a lightweight version. It contains Google Play policy features.

For iOS users, Blokada 5 is the only version available.

5. Enounce MySpeed

With Enounce MySpeed software, you can take control of video ad duration. It has the feature of speed up advertisements five times faster.

Try 7-days of a free trial to check the effectiveness of the software. After that, you can continue with the premium version. According to your requirements, you can buy any of their products for $29.99 or $99.99.

This software will be a perfect go for you to enjoy shows with small interruptions.

6. Refresh Hulu Program Page

Refreshing the Hulu program page is another way to make long ads shorter. If a long 3-4 minutes ad shows during streaming, you can simply refresh the page to shorten the length. Thus, you can skip the entire ad and continue watching favorite movies or videos.

Final Thoughts

It’s not very difficult to block or skip Hulu ads. Especially if you’ve upgraded the subscription, it becomes easier to enjoy shows.

However, you can add extensions or ad-blockers to the PC and Android. But blocking ads on iPhone and iPad is a little tricky. The platform is not open-source and there is a strict approval process for every application or software. You can try using ad-blockers, but if it doesn’t work, open and watch Hulu on Chrome with extensions.