12 Best Google Meet Extensions to Improve Your Meeting Experience

The demand for video conferencing and collaboration services has massively increased in the last couple of years. Google Meet is one such service that has gained the highest popularity.

Although there is always a debate about which is best between Google meet and Zoom, many people have chosen Google Meet because of its exciting features. If you use Google Meet on a daily basis, you should know that plenty of extensions can be used to improve the video calling experience.

You can find various extensions for Google Meet on the internet. However, not all are equally useful or worthy of your time. That’s why we have curated a list of the best Google meet extensions for students, teachers, and corporate professionals to download. 


12 Best Extensions for Google Meet to Improve Your Meeting Experience

Since Google Meet is directly available on your browser, you can easily add many Google Meet extensions. These extensions add various new features to the current app and modify the app’s behavior. So, let’s check them out.

1. Google Meet Enhancement Suit

Google Meet Enhancement Suit is a comprehensive solution for efficiently using Google Meet. It offers numerous features and settings that improve the functionality of Google Meet like Zoom.

These include the “Do not disturb mode.” When activated, it mutes all other ongoing noise in the meeting. This feature even blocks all pop-ups and message notification sounds, so you don’t get disturbed.

It also has a “push to talk” feature and a “Leave confirmation” feature that double-checks and asks you to confirm if you really want to leave the meeting.

This extension even automatically mutes the microphone and turns off the video before you join a meeting or enable captions. Moreover, it allows you to start and leave meetings quickly, remove other participants, turn on dark mode, mirror videos, and more.

2. Google Meet Push and Talk

Push to Talk is another much-needed and useful extension. Participants often face difficulties with the muting and unmuting process before and after speaking in the meeting.

The new Push to Talk extension has been introduced to eradicate this issue of Google Meet completely. With this feature, participants can simply press the space key to speak and release it to mute themselves back again. Instead of the space key, you can even choose a different hotkey to assign this function.

3. Dualless – Window Splitter 

Dualless aids those users perfectly who do not have a double monitor set-up. With this, you can split your screen effortlessly and work on both at the same time. The splitting can be done in any proportion that you require and can be changed accordingly. This feature is best if you are a multitasker.

Another feature in this extension allows you to save a particular proportion of splitting for pages that you visit quite often. This way, every time you go back to the same website, you will get to see the page divided in the same ratio. This feature also allows bookmarking pages for future reference.

4. Google Meet Party Button

This Party button extension allows you to celebrate during a meeting with your remote team. It adds an extra button that you need to click to make an effect of confetti on your screen. So, simply use this extension to get a party effect on your Google Meet screen to celebrate an achievement, event, or birthday.

5. Grid Mode for Google Meet

Google Meet can show only 49 people at a time but this Grid Mode extension enables the users to see all of the participants present in the meeting on one screen. It fits as big as 200 participants and more at the same time.

While the videos are aligned in a grid system orderly, whenever someone speaks, their video is highlighted. If someone has not kept their video on, the grid view would automatically hide them from the screen to avoid any sort of irregularities. However, some performance issues may occur in cases of a large number of participants. Though, the performance issues also depend on what kind of device you are using. If you are working on devices like ASUS Chromebook or Flip CX9, you won’t face any of these problems.

6. Google Meet Visual Effects

This extension for meet allows you to use Snapchat-like filters during video conferences. You will discover a variety of filters, video enhancements, and graphical enhancements. 

You can simply apply these filters to your camera and the results will show up in the call and to others in the meeting as well. 

This also allows you to use the Virtual Green Screen feature to hide your messy background, and you can even add custom virtual backgrounds.

Other effects like blur, pixelated, freeze, bubbles, screen text, augmented reality Halo, cube, rainbow effects, and 3D filter are also available.

7. Attendance for Google Meet

Attendance for Google Meet is a very useful tool for professors, teachers and business professionals, or anybody who often hosts a large number of audience in meetings and other discussion sessions. It can be annoying and time-consuming to get all the names of the participants manually and then keep a record of the same. Therefore, you can simply rely on this particular extension and all your work will be done even before you know it.

You can separate all the participants into different groups and view the active status of participants by using this extension. Moreover, you can export all the data into a spreadsheet.

8. Call Timer for Google Meet

If your meeting always runs overtime or if you can’t keep track of the time duration of a meeting, then the Call Timer for Google Meet is appropriate for you. This extension adds a timer on your Google meet screen so that you can track the timing of a meeting.

When you enable the timer, it comes up at the top right corner of your screen along with the chat tabs, clock, and participant tab. It allows you to set a specific time to start a meeting. Also, you can see the total duration of a meeting after it has ended.

9. Fireflies.ai

This is an AI meeting assistant that lets users record and transcribe meetings and calls straight from the browser. You can use this chrome extension to record and transcribe meetings from the browser. It adds a button both on Google Meet and Google Calendar that allows you to transcribe calls using a single button.

This tool automatically captures all your Google Meet conversations and arrange them in your workspace. Once the meeting ends, you’ll find the recording and the transcript in the dashboard of Fireflies which you can share with your teammates.

10. Reactions for Google Meet

Google Meet doesn’t have any option to show your reaction while someone is talking. That’s where the need for Reactions extension arose.

Reactions for Google Meet help to express your emotion that shows up on the meeting screen. Once you enable this extension, you’ll get various reactions, such as ‘sad,’ ‘angry,’ ‘happy,’ ‘thumbs down,’ ‘thumbs up,’ ‘clap,’ ‘Wow’ and ‘OK hands,’ including hand-raising options. You can use all of these without interrupting others in the meeting.

11. Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Google Meet Breakout Rooms is a great extension for hosts as it allows them to divide the primary meeting group into different subgroups. This extension allows you to move between meeting rooms and view them in both tiled and tab format. It also lets you add members to different rooms, take out all the participants from a room and close the rooms.

The most attractive feature of this extension is it simultaneously broadcasts a common message (audio and video) to every subgroup meeting room.

12. Quiz Master

This extension, as the name goes, has a game conducting feature. While Meet is only used for meeting and commencing classes, there is no harm in churning things up a little by enjoying some fun games. This only increases the participation of the audience in the call and makes work more fun.

The host may start a game (not particularly a game but a quiz) using this quiz developer. He/she may decide if he wants to play or be the quiz conductor. The participants can be allowed to have a buzzer feature to click and answer while the host may ask questions. A scorecard would also appear so that the host can reset and restart the game.


Google Meet, in addition to its intrinsic features, is one of the best video conferencing software available to users worldwide. There is a slew of strong features that may be accessed through the Chrome browser’s extensions. Customization and enhancement of the application can be achieved through the add-ons mentioned in this article.