Be Polite with Mobile Devices when Traveling

mobile devices when travelingIn today’s world it is not uncommon to see someone on his or her mobile device at very inappropriate times.  You might see someone checking their messages while sitting at a stop light in traffic or even worse you might hear someone talking on the telephone while using the restroom.  Some people might have different thoughts when it comes to etiquette regarding mobile devices but some things should be just common sense.  Here are a few rules when it comes to mobile devices and etiquette.

No One Else Wants To Hear Your Telephone Calls

Keeping your telephone calls to yourself is one of the most polite things you can do when you are traveling or really anytime.  No one wants to hear the conversation that you are having with whom ever is on the other end of the telephone.  And you definitely should not take your telephone calls on your speakerphone when you are in a public place.  Not only is it rude to those who are around you but also it is also rude to the person you are speaking with.

Keep Your Entertainment Quiet

If you are sitting next to someone on an airplane, in an airport or even on a bus the chances are he or she does not want to listen to the same type of entertainment you are listening to.  Many people get offended by people who play games, listen to music or even watch videos in public.  If you are traveling for a long period of time it is recommended that you take a pair of headphones along and use them when you are listening to your source of entertainment.  Of course you should also keep the volume at a low level as to not disturb people around you.  It is important to remember that you are probably not the only one around and you need to be courteous of others.

mobile devices when traveling

Taking Photos Of Strangers Is Rude

You would not like it is someone that you did not know took a photo of you so it is not a good idea to take photos of other people especially strangers.  Other travelers will not think highly of you if you are caught taking photos of them especially if you are planning on sharing it on any social media website.

Video Chats Should Be Completed Elsewhere

A newer form of technology that is springing up everywhere is that of video chats.  These are becoming more and more popular everyday and people seem to think they can have these types of conversations wherever they want to.  It is true that this type of technology is very impressive but not everyone cares about what is going on in your life or the other person’s life.  If you are trying to have a Facetime or Skype conversation while on a crowded plane or bus it can be almost impossible for you and very rude to those who are around you.

Turn The Volume Down For Your Alerts And Notifications

If you are an important businessperson or someone who just has a lot of friends and family it can be very distracting to those around you when your notifications have a loud volume on them and they are going off every few minutes.  Before traveling you should take the time to turn the volume down on your notification settings.  The people around you will thank you later.

The amount of technology in today’s world is astonishing but what is even more astonishing is the rude manners of people who use the technology.  If you follow the tips above and use your common sense the people who are traveling with you will be much happier.

Image credits to : Nick Kidd