Avast Premier vs Avast internet Security – Choose the Best Security

Avast is a trustworthy antivirus solution. It takes computer and internet security very seriously.

The company develops safety and security software and applications for Mac, Android, Windows, Android.       

Avast offers both free and paid versions of antivirus software, in which Avast Internet Security is free and the Premier is paid. The free version comes with lots of features; however, it cannot keep your device safe from ransomware.


You will only need to download the Avast Internet Security software and start using it after installing it on your device. However, you will eventually have to pay for the software after a certain time to get the license.

What are the Functions of Avast Antivirus Solutions?

The main function of any antivirus software is to keep your device safe from viruses, malware, ransomware and other threats. So let’s see how does Avast do that:

1. Block Virus, Malware
Avast performs real-time checks for viruses, malware and blocks them if found.

2. Ransomware Security
Avast encrypts all your files, pictures, videos, So any type of data available on your device is safe from hackers.

3. Secure Passwords
A single-click log is made easy by Avast. It stores all your passwords in a safe vault.

4. Checks Wi-Fi Security
Avast secures your devices by checking for any threats that can come via the network. It also checks if there is any weakness in the Wi-Fi system.

5. Avoid Fake Websites
When you use Avast Internet security, all your details, including online banking details, passwords, email IDs, are safe. In addition, while surfing the internet, if you come across any website that is not genuine, Avast will alert you about the same.

6. Control Suspicious Apps
The premium or paid version of Avast has a virtual tool, Sandbox, which lets you run any apps before you start using them. So, it can detect any suspicious app in the beginning.

7. Block Phising/Spam emails
Your email inbox will be free from any spam or fake mails.

8. High-Quality Firewall
Avast keeps the Firewall protection very high. Thats’ why it is impossible for hackers to hack into your system.

9. No WebCam Spying
Avast also takes care of the fact that nobody can spy on your activities by hacking your webcam.

10. Apps Auto Update

Avast makes sure that you have a complete secured experience by automatically updating all the apps on your device.

Avast Internet Security Vs. Avast Premier

  • Avast internet security and premier- both are equally effective in protecting your laptop, desktop, mobile or any other gadgets.
  • The antivirus software is capable of providing almost 98% security protection. It gives a warning message every time the system finds any malware or malicious downloads.
  • In both versions, It also notifies the users by turning the Avast icon green when they visit an authentic website.
  • The secure deleting options let both versions automatically delete any threatening downloaded file.
  • Each file gets double-checked thoroughly. So, in case the antivirus failed to download a virus the first time, it will get checked the next time.
  • As said earlier, the Avast Intenet security is not completely free. Eventually, to get a paid license to keep using the software, the users have to pay.
  • The paid version has more feature that includes personal firewall protection.
  • Avast premier version checks the network connection to find if there’s anybody trying to hack into the system to get personal information.
  • Premier also makes sure that no one is accessing your internet connection unauthorized and making your connection slow.
  • The free version is not able to protect against ransomware. In contrast, the premier version has some advanced technology that helps in keeping the users’ data safe from any virus or ransomware.
  • Online payment is much safer when using Avast Premier security. Avast hides all the
    Confidential details such as bank a/c no, credit card numbers for providing the ultimate security experience.
  • For more security, people prefer using VPN. Avast Premier comes with Avast VPN too. The free version has no access to the VPN.
  • Cyberbullies target children and teenagers; parents can protect them by knowing which things are downloaded on their children’s computers. However, both versions of Avast security solutions do not come with the parental control feature.
  • Both versions are capable of protecting mobiles; however, there are specific applications available for smartphones.
  • The mobile version lacks most of the security features. It is yet to be upgraded.


Although both the free and paid version of Avast lacks some major security concerns, still it can be said that the premier version is capable of providing risk-free browsing for its users. You can purchase the premier version for up to 10 devices in a single subscription. The minimum subscription period is for one year.