Audio And Home Theater Products Scheduled For Launch In Fall 2014

By installing a home theater system, you can bring the best theater experience home. You will no longer have to make trips to the theater to watch the last movie which just released. If you opt for a high-quality home theater system, you can enjoy with your friends and family in the comfort of your home. If you want to avoid the large crowd and the uncomfortable seats, it is a home theater system which should be your next buy. When you build a home theater system one important factor which you have to consider is the sound.

For the best effect

Audio products have become highly popular today as they add to the effect of a home theater system. Surround sound is ideal for those who want to spend quality time watching movies and videos on the home theater. If you have plans of buying a new home theater, you must be on the lookout for products which are set to release in fall 2014. The right sound effect will create an immersing and engaging experience. One product which has caught the attention of the potential buyers is the Pioneer Speaker Base SP-SB03. It will be available to the buyers in October 14.

Audio products launching soon

Pioneer’s speaker base has been optimized to create the best movie and music experience. The design of the audio device and the experience it delivers outscores its competitors. After you install this device, you will not feel the need of subwoofers. New trends indicate that multi-room music is the rage. It is one system which is worth your attention. Qualcomm’s All play initiative has been adopted by Monster to create the Monster Soundstage speakers. The speakers developed by Monster come with a Sound Stage app which will enable you to access media from all the devices on your network. In addition to this, you can create playlists and manage the speakers according to your requirements.

Audio And Home Theater Products

Install Android TV

If you want to watch the best Hollywood movies in your living room, it is time to think about the Android TV. Developed with latest technology this TV will allow you to watch the hits before and after their release. Get an easy access to unlimited number of movies and TV shows. One feature of the Android TV which stands out is that it comes with voice control. Users can easily speak a query and select the content on the screen. This device will be available at the end of 2014.

Home theater equipment

Onkyo is all set to release its first generation of home cinema receivers this fall. Onkyo TX-NR636 is equipped with Dolby Atmos support and a high resolution audio streaming. You can expect very high sound quality and a high performance. This audio and home theater products are good value for money. The receivers are more future proof than its competitors. You will be satisfied with the performance of this important home theater equipment. It is a comprehensive package which you can buy this fall.