Five Easy Ways to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging

It’s relaxing to listen to your favorite music or audiobooks with AirPods after a busy day. If they’re out of battery, you put them back in the case for hours to charge. However, it’s frustrating when you take out the headphones and realize they aren’t charged at all.

Apple AirPods is one of the best earbuds that give an amazing listening experience with all the devices. But this Bluetooth device sometimes gives trouble, especially when the AirPods case is not charging.

It can be a software glitch, cable problem or another reason. Before you return it or buy a new one, try some troubleshooting solutions to fix the problem.


Is it AirPods or the Case Stop Charging?

It can be confusing to understand whether the AirPods or the case itself has the real problem. After you plug in the device, a light shows up and when you place the AirPods into the case, they start charging. But once you unplug the case, they don’t charge up anymore.

This means your case charging system is having the trouble of holding charge. There can be a bug or error in the software causing the issue. Before heading to the Apple store to change the case, here are some easy fixes to try at home.

5 Easy Fixes When AirPods Case Not Charging

Fix 1: Reset AirPods Case to Factory Default

To fix the AirPods case not charging, resetting the case can be a quick solution. It‘ll clear any software glitch that was interrupting the charging process.

In order to reset the AirPods case, find the setup button at the back of it. Press and hold the button for a while until the status light flashes amber and then becomes white. The case will be restored to default and should start charging now.

Fix 2: Try A Different USB Cable

If resetting doesn’t help, you can try to charge the case with a different USB-to-lightning cable. Often, the problem of AirPods case not charging no light lies in the cable rather than the device.

The USB charging cable gets damaged like breakage or bent prongs after long-time usage. If you’re sure that the original cable is faulty, get a new one and see if that works fine with the device.

Fix 3: Clear the Case Charging Port

The next solution for your charging case problem is clearing its charging port. If you carry the AirPods in the jeans pocket mostly, lint can be the culprit why the case stops charging. Similarly, any debris or dirt stuck in the ports can prevent charging properly.

To clean the case charging port of your AirPods, use a dry, clean and soft-bristled brush and remove dirt or dust from the connector. Avoid using any sharp material like a knife and toothpick or liquid as they can damage the metal contacts.

Fix 4: Do Not Use Extension

Using an extension to plug and charge the case can be another reason for not charging enough. If the extension cord is damaged or the power supply isn’t sufficient through the cord, the AirPods case won’t charge 100%. In that case, plug the charger directly into a wall socket.

Fix 5: Use Another Charger

If you’re using a USB wall adapter to charge the Apple AirPods case, check whether the charger is working. For this, try other USB devices or an iPhone to charge with that same charger.

Additionally, find a different charger and plug the case in it. If your AirPods case is still not charging, the case is actually faulty, not the charger or cable.

Is Still AirPods Case Unable to Charge?

If the above common methods are unable to fix the AirPods case stops charging, then you’ve one option left. Go to the Apple store and hand over the case to genius to figure out the problem.

In case the AirPods are within the warranty period, you can simply return them and ask for a replacement. Otherwise, buying a new case is the ultimate solution.