7 Ways to Update Your Audience About Your Services

When you work on your marketing strategies, you often focus on new products and campaigns. However, you should also keep your audience updated with any changes. These changes can be as small as a policy update or as major as a service overhaul. No matter the scale, you cannot leave your audience in the dark.

This is especially true if you’re offering new or upgraded services. Your audience won’t be excited about these upgrades if you don’t promote them in the first place. So, you should keep them updated. Here are a few tips which will help you.

Run Teaser Campaigns

For updated or new services, you need to build hype. Treat them like a new product and highlight them accordingly. Run a multichannel teaser campaign with email flows, social media posts, and posters. You can even share the news through whatsapp status images. You can create these on PosterMyWall using their wide variety of templates.

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These campaigns will excite your audiences and make them look forward to your updates. Execute them in a well-planned and well-targeted way to get the best results.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

You need to use your social media platforms for all your updates. Share small posts for minor updates and run complete campaigns for larger ones. If you’re improving a few services, make a few posts across your platforms to make your audience aware.

You can also make attractive posters and flyers on PosterMyWall for this purpose. Choose your designs and customize them. Ensure your updates follow a similar format and color scheme to your other marketing strategies. This will keep things cohesive and attractive.

Host Events

Host an open event if you have major updates or want to remind your audiences about your services. Invite previous and potential clients and brief them about your services. Make sure you have high-quality collateral prepared for the purpose. Also, put out a few refreshments. Have representatives answer client questions and book services on the spot as well.

You can even hold a contest or giveaway at this event to attract attendees. These events can be online or offline. You can even host a hybrid event to cater to a wider audience. Make sure you and your team have the updated services at hand and are ready to share all the relevant details with your customers.

Offer Special Deals

One of the best ways to make your upgraded services sound appealing is to offer special deals. Offer these services in a package deal or give discounts for first-time use. You can even incentivize repeat customers by giving them access to these deals.

Make sure you market these deals and discounts on your website and social media platforms. This will generate a lot of hype and spread the word about your updates. This is also a great way to remind your audience about your existing services and bring new people into the fold.

Use Email Services

Email campaigns are a useful way to market your services and share your upgrades. Make email marketing campaigns which showcase all your services. Target these at your existing, potential, and past customers.  Whenever you have an update, add it to your monthly newsletter. Highlight the important ones and make sure you give all the relevant details. Use good email services to set up these campaigns.

Once you set them up, you can automate them and just let things be. This is one of the best ways to keep your audience updated in a personalized and individual manner. Some email services even let you send audiences special individual email newsletters based on their interests.

Update Your Landing Pages

You should update your landing pages when you update your services. Make sure your website always has your complete set of services. Also, check if any information is outdated. Remove this information and replace it with the updates.

Carry out this exercise regularly and add popups to your landing pages. These popups should inform people about your new services and have them contact you for more information. This is also a great way to generate leads for your updated services. 

Offer Exclusive Previews

You should offer exclusive previews to your loyal clients. Give them a touch of your updated services before you launch them in the market. This will generate considerable hype and make your customers feel valued. These exclusive previews can offer a partial glimpse of your services. This way, clients will feel enticed to book the full package.

Make sure you market this well, and have your audience share their reviews. So, when the actual launch comes around, you’re sure to get more people to sign up.

To sum up, there are many ways to keep your audience updated about your services. These methods are easy to implement, so you should get started.