As A Beginner You Should Check Out These Mirrorless Cameras

When you are starting out in the world of photography you might be overwhelmed by the number of different options that are available to you when looking into mirrorless compact system cameras. There are many different brands and options that you can get with the different camera types. As a beginner you might find this confusing and you may even have the urge to give up in your quest for photography. Do not worry this article will give you a review of some of the top choices when it comes to mirrorless compact system cameras.

What Is A Compact System Camera

If you are a beginner into the art of photography you might be looking to upgrade from your regular every day digital camera. However you do not want to spend the money on a costly and complex digital SLR camera. A compact system camera may be the best idea for you. They are not as complicated as other cameras but the quality they provide is much better than a typical digital camera. You will also have the ability to switch out the lenses, which will give you even more options. Another bonus is that as a beginner you will want to have as much instruction available to you as possible. The manual controls on a camera of this type will give you the options of learning what each does and learning at your own pace.

Sony a5100

The alpha compact system by Sony is an easy camera to uses a beginner. It uses APS-C size sensors and an E-mount dedicated lens. This is a perfect entry lever model, which is perfect for the beginners. However because it is entry level it still has all of the powerful features you will want. The features that are included are an autofocus system, a 179 phase detection AF points. These are used for speed and responsiveness. As well as twenty-five contract points that are used for precision. The a5100 also comes with Wi-Fi with will help when you are trying to upload your photos to another device.

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Panasonic GM1

If you are looking for a small and lightweight camera the Panasonic GM1 is the camera for you. This mirrorless compact system camera uses a sensor that is smaller in size that the APS-C format sensors that are used in other cameras. Panasonic has even created a small lens kit to go right along with the size of this camera. Due to the small size this camera does not have a viewfinder but it does has a flash squeezed into the small size.

Canon EOS-M

Canon currently produces only one mirrorless compact system, which leads one to believe that it really did not work out for them. What this means for the consumers is that you can purchase a camera of this type for a very reasonable price. The camera itself is not too bad but the size is a bit larger than the others in the same class. There is good news though and because it is mirrorless there is a much shorter distance between the lens and the sensor. Therefore there is a camera lens adapter that can be purchased separately. This will allow for better pictures but will also add to the size and weight of the camera.

As a beginner you might be confused as to all of the options that come with each camera. It is recommended that you do plenty of research and ask questions before making your purchase. The cameras that are listed above are only a small portion of the cameras that are available.