How To Keep Your Computer Cool

It is no rocket science that a computer being an electrical device emits heat whenever it is running, almost every single part, while running consumes electricity and hence, becomes hot. Out of this the CPU and the graphic card are two such parts that get extremely heated. Now if the computer system is rightly put together then major part of the heat that is produced, is released through the pre-installed fans. These fans help regulate the heat produced, so reduce the chances of damage from heat. Now, if these fans are not working properly then the heat is more likely to get trapped within the device and hence can cause some serious trouble with the system.

How Does the Heat Affect your Computer?

The safety of your computer means the safety of the data you have accumulated, and it is, needless to say, how important it is that you take good care of the configuration and safety aspects of your PC. This particular article focuses on the ways you can use to keep your computer cool and safe. The focus will be to let you know of ways that are both effective and cheap so that you can get on to securing your computer as quick and as effective as one can.

How to Help Your System Function Well

The very first and basic thing to keep in mind is to not stuff things around your computer it eventually blocks the surrounding and blocks the emission of heat. Your computer should have a little space all around it so that the hot air can escape easily. The back portion of the computer is the most important part, the sides of the CPU come next to it, and these are areas where the heat emission is most significant so make sure that nothing is blocking these. It is always better to make sure that on the sides the computer system has at least 3 to 4 inches of free space and the best condition for back is that it should be unhindered, nothing should be placed in front of it, neither there should be a wall blocking its way.

If you have your system placed in a desk that covers it  then, you need to make sure that you open the doors once in a while. This is because if it is enclosed on all side then the same air will be trapped in the case, and it will get hotter by the minute and harm the system. Now you may think that why not keep the case open always especially when the system is running, but you what you missed out on is a factor about dust, when the case is open dust particles tend to jam the fans. If there is clogging in the fan, it will affect its working and the heat emission system if harmed can damage your computer real quick.

You may keep the case open thinking that will enhance the heat emission which is true, but the damage to fans in the longer is not worth it.

Keeping up with the dirt factor it is in the benefit of your system if you regularly keep the components especially the fans clean of any clogging. While cleaning do it somewhere outside so that the dust just doesn’t crawl back into your CPU.

Prefer a relatively cooler place in your room for placing your computer. If your CPU is quite old and you have not changed the fans even once then, it might be time to get them upgraded. Also check if any particular part of your system is emitting too much heat, if yes then there are cooling fans available in the market for everything, install one and it will solve the problem to a great extent.

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