How to install iOS 12 Beta on iPhone or iPad

To install the iOS 12 beta on your iPhone and iPad, here’s a guide you can use. Apple iOS beta software program has finally rolled out the iOS 12 beta update for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. All the devices that received the iOS 11 are compatible with the new OS update. So if you want to download and install iOS 12 public beta on your iOS devices, here’s how to do it. Some may argue that there are a couple of ways to recover backup data, but it’s always better to install iOS betas in a proper way.

Step 1 – Creating a backup

Before you download or install anything on your iPhone or iPad, please create a backup. It’s important because beta updates may contain files that can cause performance issues on your phone. There’s always a risk of losing data. So, to keep your files, contacts, and documents safe, create a backup and save it in multiple locations.

Step 2 – Enrolling in the Apple iOS beta program (iOS 12 public beta)

  • Visit the Apple Beta page on the company’s official website and Sign up for the beta.
  • To register your account for the iOS 12 beta, you will need to enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Log into your account and you’ll see Apple iOS beta program agreement. Accept the agreement and visit your profile. If you enrolled your device for the last year’s iOS 11 beta update, re-enroll your device.
  • Now click “Download Profile” and wait for the prompt that says “the website is trying to open Settings.”
  • Click Allow and you will be able to see the iOS 12 beta profile which you can install. Click “install” and after the consent notification, hit the “install” button again.
  • Soon after completing this process, you will be asked to restart your iOS device. Do it whenever you want and download and install the new Apple iOS beta like how you install new updates (go to Settings then General then Software Update and then hit the “Download and Install” button. Enter your passcode and you’re done.

If you’ve followed all the steps carefully, your device is now running the iOS 12 beta.

install iOS 12 beta

Step 3 – Enrolling in the Apple iOS beta program (for developers)

  • If you want to join Apple’s Developers program, it costs $99 for a year. You can enroll your device to install iOS 12 beta available for developers. To do so, visit the company’s official developers site and enroll your device using your Apple ID.
  • Sign in to the Dev Center and then register your Apple device’s UDID. Now visit the download page on the Apple Developers site and sign in to your developer account and download the iOS 12 beta for developers.
  • Install the profile and follow the instructions. Your device will request a restart. Restart your iOS device and check if your device is running the developer profile.
  • Now go to your device’s Settings, choose General and then select the Software Update option to “download and install” the iOS 12 beta for developers.
  • You will be asked to enter your passcode, and soon after verifying your profile, you will be able to install the updates.

If you’ve followed the procedure mentioned above, your device (iPhone or iPad) will run the iOS beta version.

Things you can do

So now when you have downloaded the new iOS 12 beta, what you’re going to do? The first thing you should do is to check if your phone is working properly or not. Now check all the new features and try them for a while and if you feel like there’s something you want to say about the new update, use the feedback option to let Apple know about your experience with the new OS version.

The iOS public betas support a built-in Feedback Assistant app. You can use this app directly from your device’s home screen and share your feedback to Apple. You can also use this app from the Dock on Mac. Feedback Assistant helps Apple collect information from users to improve its operating system.

How to downgrade from Apple iOS 12 beta

At any time if you feel like you no longer need an Apple iOS beta, you can go back to a previously released version of iOS. It is strongly recommended that you take backup of your data before performing any installation task on your iPhone or iPad. To use a previously-released version of iOS, restore the backup you have created before downloading the beta.

Remember that you should always backup your iPhone because if for any reason, you feel like going back to the same OS build, you will need a backup. If you didn’t create a backup file or missed it, there’s no other way than installing everything from scratch. In case if your backup is missing or if the files get corrupted, you will have to wipe your device to perform a clean install.

Sometimes, beta users face problems like device crash, poor battery life, unresponsive apps, and non-functional system settings. In some cases, users run into issues as beta versions are buggy, especially in the initial updates. So having a backup plan is always better than losing your data.

Of course, Apple iOS beta program enables users to try and test new features of the operating system ahead of the product launch. iOS 12 is known for new features and improvements such as Memoji, FaceTime, Group Notifications, AR functionalities, and faster performance. The company will release iOS 12 during its fall event and at that time, we will most likely get to see some new Apple products. Apple’s iOS 12 will be supported by iPhones, iPads, and the 6th generation iPod Touch.

With the Apple iOS beta program, you can try these new features. But always remember that beta releases are prone to bugs and technical issues. Keep your data safe. And before you join the bandwagon, know what you are doing.

Image Credit:: tookapic