How to Keep Facebook Account Secure: You Need to Know

In recent times, a lot of people have been exposed to different hacks from tyrants. Many of these hackers not only seek out information about people, they sometimes use these accounts for illegal activities.

The knowledge of this can be unnerving and can make people do irrational things. Therefore, there is a need to know the most appropriate ways to keep Facebook account secure. The following steps can be used as a preventive measure or even by someone that has been hacked.

Enable Login Notification

The work of this notifier is to make you aware of any break-in into your account. Immediately someone inputs your User Identification and password, this notifier will send an alert message to your phone, and that will guide you to change your password.

Keep Facebook Account Secure

Now, if you want to enable this notification

– Go To Home

– Click Account setting

– Click Security

– Click Login Notification.

After you have done that, pick your preferences and click ‘Save Changes’.

Stay Aware of Your Active Sessions

Be sure always to have a system that knows where you are per time. In other words, look for the location of your device. In case you notice that your phone activities are showing your position at a place you are not familiar with, then someone has successfully hacked into your account. Just click end Activity then change your passwords.

To end activities

– Visit ‘Home’

– Click Account settings

-Click Security

-Click Active session

Activate Secure Browsing

The essence of doing this ensures that the security of your account is intact. To activate this:

– Visit ‘Home’

– Click Account Setting

– Click Security

-Click Secure Browsing

Avoid The Usage of Your Facebook Password on Any Device

This implies that you ensure that you limit the way you use your Facebook accounts on different devices. When you use it on other devices, disable the ‘Save Password.’ And take extra measures to disable the device from remembering your information. The only device allowed to retain your data is the one you use frequently.

More so, do not share your password with anyone. Make sure you are the only one with the knowledge of what your password.

Make Sure Your Password Is Strong

It might be a straightforward combination of hard un-suspectable keys. If you use passwords people can easily remember, it will make your phone easy to hack. In other words, ensure you don’t use your name, familiar words, family names or date of birth. Be creative. Look for ideas that will make your password difficult to crack.

Secure your Email account

Another place you get enable notification is your email address. When you enable notifications on your email, you have ensured more security for your device. Even at that, ensure it is not lying fallow for anyone to detect easily. If possible remove it as your means of login to Facebook. You can easily change the login from the user’s name pane. Doing that will ensure the safety of your account.

Run Anti-Virus Software on Your system

The presence of antivirus on your phone will enable you to get rid of some key-loggers and phone hacking keys that might have been lodged into your account at one time or the other. When you run an antivirus, it will ensure you get a computer rid of hackers’ keys. Meanwhile, ensure the antivirus you will be getting is also legitimate as getting a wrong one might affect your system. You might be playing into the hand of another key-logger if you use an illegal antivirus. A lot of people suffer from this when they try to download a free option. Most times, it will insert some malware into your computer that will make it have access to your information whenever you are connected to the internet. One of the ways to keep Facebook account secure.

Ensure You Are Downloading Something Safe

When you are opting to download things off the internet, it is always advisable to switch on your anti-virus, which will help you figure out if the item you are downloading is from a legitimate source and secure. Doing that will help you free from malware and key-loggers that will have access to your information.

Prevent Third Party Apps From gaining access to your personal information

When you do not know the source of any application, never allow them to log in to your Facebook account. If you can have a clone account or an extra account that you can use to test the app, it is better. If a wrong application gets full access to your information, your Facebook account might have a higher chance of being hacked without you getting a notification to that effect.

To do that, go to


-Privacy Settings and tools, where you can remove this effect from your Facebook account.

Make Your Setting Personalise

This setting will help you prevent a lot of hacks into your account as regarding your login approvals. When you do this, you will limit the access to the way an unknown browser can log into your Facebook account.

To do this

– Click Edit

– Mark ‘Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers’ box’.

Doing this will make a box pop-up for you. The pop-up box should read ‘Login Approvals Is An Extra Layer of Security That Uses Your Phone To Protect Your Account’.

-When you see this pop-up box, click ‘Get Started’.

Have A Backup of Your Facebook Data

This is a preventive measure against the time a hacker finally gets access to your Facebook account. A hacker might be wicked enough to delete your data, but if you have it backed up, the pain of losing some vital information or the trouble of refilling them will be avoided. To do this

– Go to Settings

– Click General

-Click Download a copy.

If possible, download a copy every three months.

Add people you know in real life

Sometimes, people who have access to your account might be hackers you have sometimes added as friends. Being your friend make them have access to some information meant for friends only.

It is, therefore, imperative you allow only people you know into your cycle. Here are a few ways to secure your Facebook account.