Cloud Goals: Office 365 Tops Sales


office 365Office suites or productivity program packages. No matter which you choose to call them, these services have been part of the routines of millions of people since the first PCs hit the market.

Although the names are old-fashioned, these products have evolved majorly. They currently feature functions unthinkable for decades. Notable features include full cloud syncing and real-time multi-person editing.

office 365

In this article, we will illustrate the facts proving Office 365 has become the top selling platform today. This occurred whilein the race with two major competitors in the market. This will allow you to analyze the power of Office 365 and choose the option to boost your business.

It is hard to find anyone who has worked with computers in the last two decades that hasn’t used some type of programs offered by Microsoft in the Office suite. For years, buying Office was synonymous with leaving home, going to a store and getting the box with the disks to install the software on your machine. Today, it’s a simple download from the web.

Before showing the significant facts on why office 365 has become the top selling cloud platform, let’s have a quick look into the past.

In the beginning, it was word of mouth. People talked about what they bought and where they found it, recommending the brand (or not). But, a lot has changed over the years. Several companies have come on the market and stood out. The competition not only grew, but it also overflowed.

Today, to gain visibility, we cannot simply put the product or service on the market and expect consumers to come to us. It is necessary to generate demand for purchase and show that you are the company with the ideal solution.

How to do such marketing? With a good marketing strategy, you can map out your potential customers are and reach them faster than the competition.

During 2014, when Google’s Cloud was one of their most popular products, companies scrambled to understand how the Cloud and its services worked. However, many were too afraid to jump on board for fear of losing data and information security.

But now…

Times have changed. Today the popular option is Office 365 and includes a suite of working applications, along with all the integration of the Microsoft platform. Several monthly payment arrangements cover virtually all types of users. Plans range from home users to companies that need accounts for numerous employees.

Like its competitors, Office has a free web version and apps for mobile devices. These editions have fewer features than the complete ones but should be sufficient for those who need to create light documents or spreadsheets.

Where Office’s signature really stands out is in integration with the Microsoft platform. By registering for the cheapest plan, which costs $ 69 per year, you have access to more than just Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There is another home plan for $99 per year. This option can accommodate 5 users.Office 365 includes 1TB of storage in OneDrive and 60 minutes of monthly Skype connection.

The monthly fee is perfect for the products offered, especially if you split the annual plan with five users. Those who currently work on a Windows machine and need a complete office suite will be in good hands with Office 365. Those who plan on creating simple documents will be satisfied with the web version.

Why office 365 is the best in comparison to its competitors

Apple’s iWork has its strengths, such as the proven design that has always been the company’s brand. However, it can only be utilized by anyone who uses macOS and has an iPhone.Despite offering a free version of the applications on the iCloud website, it doesn’t outperform competitors’ online versions.

For most users, the big decision is between Microsoft Office and applications that are part of Google Drive. It may seem like a difficult choice since both have everything expected of programs of this type. If you take the time to explore, you will find each has its own strengths.

Those who need to create spreadsheets and presentations as part of the job will hardly have their needs met by Google. These are the points where the distance between the two services is substantial, with Office full of more advanced tools and Excel fully established as the spreadsheet program of the market.

When it comes to creating documents, things change a bit. At this point, Google’s alternative pretty much has everything a text editor needs.  Features include change tracking mode and layout change options. Even those who work with documents on a day-to-day basis should give Google Docs a try to see how the app has evolved.

But, it is undeniable that many users are immensely satisfied with Office. The Microsoft suite has editing options and a spell-checker that prove more advanced than the one offered by Google. The difference is quite obvious to those who not only write text but use it to insert complex tables and graphs and create articles with unique structures.

All of these advantages have their price. It costs $ 24 per month on the cheapest plan in One Drive.When compared, Office 365 subscriptions are an excellent purchase. Even more so, if we consider dividing the cost among five users. In this case, the edition costs $ 99 for the yearly package and $ 9.99 per month for the installment package.

Google offers great solutions for those who need to make lighter creations. Office, however, can also be edited by multiple people at the same time. It has a competent free version and advanced tools that don’t exist among the competitors. All these services for an incredibly competitive price.

Image Credits To: Tim Regan